January 25, 2018

Who Needs Valentine’s Day with Socks Like These?

For some of us, the most romantic day of the year can be one of the worst. But it doesn’t have to be! We suggest that instead of letting it get you down, you celebrate your single-ness this Valentine’s Day with some hilariously snarky socks!

Who needs all that lovey-dovey stuff anyway? Gag! You can play footsie with yourself come Feb. 14, and you can do it in socks that will crack you up! Check these out.

Spell It Out

If it’s sass you want, look no further than Blue Q, our favorite brand for funny word socks that make it clear how you really feel. These hilarious styles walk the line between cocky and crass in just the right way for an occasion like Valentine’s Day, when you’d rather not watch everybody flaunt their love. Flaunt your attitude instead!

You’re Not Too Bitter

Want to show off how you’re feeling today with pictures instead of words? Try some of these socks that show how tough and awesome you are … even if you are considering going home and eating an entire tub of ice cream. Speaking of which …

Time to Indulge

Don’t forget that on these rough days, you can always drown your sorrows! Of course, we’d like to see you swimming in food and drink socks, but ice cream works, too. And remember, all that Valentine’s Day chocolate will be on sale Feb. 15!

For all those folks out there who are planning to couple up on Valentine’s Day, we do have sweet socks for you, too. But we still want all the singles to rock out with your socks out! Here’s one perk of singledom: You don’t have to buy anyone a gift … except for yourself!