Author: Casey apRoberts

June 14, 2016

Style Alert! Try Socks With Heels

We have thousands of pairs of stylish socks at The Sock Drawer, and we are often asked how women can fashionably incorporate colorful and fun socks into their daily looks. With the help of Ambiance,  San Luis Obispo’s trendiest downtown shop, we have put together this handy guide showing a few stylish ways to wear socks with heels. Forget the taboo of this combination being a fashion faux pas — these examples all prove how awesome it can look!

Pink Lemonade Socks

Pink Lemonade Socks

Tribal Toes Socks

Tribal Toes Socks

Pineapple Socks

Pineapple Socks

So there you have it! Slip on your favorite colorful socks, pair them with some kickin’ heels, and kiss the naysayers goodbye as you strut your stuff in your favorite new style.

April 20, 2016

Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

As Mother’s Day approaches, your mind is racing with ideas for gifts. Flowers? Obviously. Jewelry? Too cliche. A card? Simply not enough. It’s time you give the most important woman in your life something that she really wants: unique, high-quality and fun socks in every shape, size and color you can imagine.

Check out The Sock Drawer’s premium collection of awesome socks for an equally cool mother. Order now to ensure they are delivered before May 8!

For the Mom with a Green Thumb

Now she will think of you as she is pulling weeds and trimming her prized garden. It’s OK to get these pretty floral socks a little dirty.

For the Wine-Sipping Mom

Her local vineyard is like a second home, and your cool mom knows her way around a tasting room. Let that be known in these awesome Mother’s Day wine socks.

For One Tough Mama

You may have ended up with a little bit of a tough edge, but we think that’s a good thing (and we bet your mom does, too). Show her how much that meant to you with these cheeky socks.

For the (Saucy) Professional Mom

Help your professional mom mix up her workwear with these fun twists on classic black-and-white patterns. Plus, we threw in an extra-saucy suggestion for casual Friday.

Mother & Child Sock Sets

Are you shopping for a mother with young kids? Then consider some of our matching mother-and-child sets. They’re irresistibly adorable, and any mom will melt at the idea of matching toes with her little one.

Check out our options below.

Relatively Cute for Kids
Einstein Socks for Mom

Relatively Cute for Kids Einstein Socks for Mom

These socks are perfect for the mom who played classical music and read to her child in the womb. That’s how you raise a little Einstein!

Pug Life for Kids
Knee High Socks for Mom

Pug Life for Kids Knee High Socks for Mom

These socks are ideal for the animal-loving family living the pug life. Perfect for taking your pug on a walk around the neighborhood together.

Ice Cream Dream for Kids
Knee High Socks for Mom

Ice Cream Dream for Kids Knee High Socks for Mom

Consider these sweet ice cream socks for the mother who never hesitates to make a well-deserved stop at the ice cream parlor. One sundae with two spoons, please!

Sock Monkey Love for Kids
Knee High Socks for Mom

Sock Monkey Love for Kids Knee High Socks for Mom

These socks featuring sock monkeys are perfect for the crafty mom who’s made a few hand puppets in her day. Anything to put a smile on that little face, right?

We know your mom is just as unique as she is loving, caring and talented, so feel free to mix and match any of the above pairs to suit her style. Plus we have so many more beautiful socks for women. We guarantee we have a style that’s perfect for her, so get digging, because she deserves it!

April 4, 2016

Socks with Sandals Is the Perfect Spring Fashion Trend

As you slowly transition between winter and spring (although here in San Luis Obispo, California, it’s hard to call 75 degrees and sunny “winter”), you are itching to dig the warm weather clothes out of the back of your closet and make the switch official  starting with your favorite pair of strappy sandals.

To prevent your feet from freezing during these awkward middle months, we recommend following Refinery29’s advice with The Only Hack You Need To Nail Transitional Dressing. You guessed it: socks with sandals. Traditionally a major fashion faux pas, this practical trend just got the green light from fashion’s greatest icons (we’re looking at you, Rihanna).

We suggest hopping on this trend sooner rather than later, especially because it is so incredibly comfortable. Kiss blisters goodbye, keep your toes warm, and dress like a supermodel all at the same time. That’s what we call a win-win-win.

Check out The Sock Drawer’s take on socks with sandals below. There was even an article from Vogue that highlighted art socks with sandals as well!

<strong>Starry Night Socks</strong>

Starry Night Socks

<strong>Strawberry Socks</strong>

Strawberry Socks

<strong>Toucan Do It Socks</strong>

Toucan Do It Socks

So there you have it. Your traditionally unfashionable dad may have had it right all along … wearing socks with sandals is the way to go. Check out The Sock Drawer’s collections of unique art socks, fun food socks and awesome animal socks today to find the perfect pair for yourself this spring!

February 20, 2016

Limited Edition: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Hair Socks

The Sock Drawer brings you a special pre-order opportunity to snag some Limited Edition Presidential Candidate Election Socks!  Gumball Poodle, known for their funny word socks all started with the Obama sock in 2008.  Fast forward to 2016, they have created Donald Drumpf and Bernie Sanders hair socks!

As debates heat up, the primary election nears, and candidates are dropping like flies, The Sock Drawer will always provide one constant throughout this crazy election year… cool, brand new socks. Check out these crazy socks depicting the iconic hairstyles of two 2016 frontrunners: Bernie Sanders and Donald Drumpf. No matter if you lean right or left- these cool socks can unite us all.


February 8, 2016

The Beige Sock People Get Devoured…

If you were one of the 111.9 million Americans watching the 50th Super Bowl yesterday, you may have noticed a sock shout out via Christopher Walken during a Kia commercial.  We agree with Christopher, “eventually, the beige sock people get devoured by the ones who stand out.” So there you have it, following Walken’s advice, we have gathered a few of our favorite pairs of awesome stand out socks that are far from beige.



Monkey Biz Socks for Men


Einstein Socks for Women and Math Socks for Men


Coconutty Socks for Women and Coconutty Socks for Men


Pineapple Socks for Women and BAM POW! Socks for Men


November 19, 2015

Awesome White Elephant and Secret Santa Gift Ideas!

Whether you are the Secret Santa for your long time office crush and need a gift idea or you are buying gifts for a white elephant group that includes your office arch nemesis, you are sure to find an awesome gift idea under $15 for anyone and everyone in this blog post.

Men’s White Elephant and Secret Santa Cool Gift Ideas


Taco Socks

Who you immediately thought of: Dave from the floor below you, who will relentlessly rap on everyone’s cubicle walls like crazy every Tuesday until someone joins him for the Taco deal down the street. Dave usually orders two margaritas, and also thinks he is far cooler than he is.

Why it’s perfect for the gift exchange: Everyone loves tacos… it is an undeniable fact. Dave will surely create a show about how much he loves his trendy new food socks. You will finally appear as the hero you truly are.


Blamo!! Socks

Who you immediately thought of: The quiet, diligent worker who has never missed a deadline, but can occasionally be seen reading his favorite cool Marvel comic on his lunch breaks. What’s his name again?

Why it’s perfect for the gift exchange: Pleasing the guy no one knows anything about can be crazy hard. Rather than fail to match his unique interests, you totally scored with these colorful comic book socks that made him smile for the first time in a year. Now the only problem is the alarming number of days he has worn them in a row…


Christmas Nutcracker Socks

Who you immediately thought of: John, who hung stockings off of the corner of everyone’s desk on the morning of November 1st. John also has been humming Christmas carols like crazy since April.

Why it’s perfect for the gift exchange: Although this one was a shoe in, (or a sock in if you will) you hit the nail on the head with this one. You are positive he will get more than his wear out of this awesome socks, and you are officially his cool new favorite coworker.


Monkey Biz Socks

Who you immediately thought of: Anyone and everyone in your office… but mostly your tightly wound boss, Mike. He makes it clear he takes his job crazy seriously, as does this monkey. Mike also loves staplers and all colorful office supplies.

Why it’s perfect for the gift exchange: If you give these cool animal socks to any of your co-workers, it will appear like a fun joke about the corporate structure you are all a part of. If you get Mike, he will think the same thing… but you and the rest of the office can snicker about the similarities later. Check, and mate.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Socks

Who you immediately thought of: Walt in HR. He is well over the hill, and despite having the best intentions, is not all the way there anymore. Despite losing some marbles, his enthusiasm for Christmas is unparalleled. He also doesn’t understand that ugly Christmas sweaters are now cool, so this can serve as his small introduction.

Why it’s perfect for the gift exchange: You know there is no better way to make Walt happy than with a fun new pair of socks. As with most people his age, he is also very happy about colorful Christmas attire. You are now his new favorite.


Pizza Socks

Who you immediately thought of: The intern. You pray you don’t get him for Secret Santa, but you pray even more you don’t put forth the effort to learn his name. Despite knowing absolutely nothing about him, he’s a cool college kid… meaning he must love pizza, right?

Why it’s perfect for the gift exchange: Pizza has always been one of the few things the entire office can agree upon, meaning this selection earned many “oohs and ahhs’ from the peanut gallery. With colorful cheese and pepperoni, everyone’s mouths started watering like crazy… meaning you did a job well done.

Women’s White Elephant and Secret Santa Fun Gift Ideas


Sloth Bling Socks

Who you immediately thought of: Lacey, who is on top of any and all trends before they make it to the mainstream. She knew sloths were on the rise in 2012… and that is saying something. If you add some colorful bling bling, you hope to get on her good side.

Why it’s perfect for the gift exchange: Without knowing entirely what makes this fashionista swarm, you took a chance with this crazy pair of animal socks… and you won big. Despite claiming porcupines are soon to be the next sloth, your cool points skyrocketed tenfold upon receiving her approval.


Christmas Fruit Cake Socks

Who you immediately thought of: The bitter old secretary who has undoubtedly lost her touch, but refuses to admit to it. Dolores was the first employee hired with the company, meaning she is even harder to fire. Hopefully she views this message as a reference to the holidays… not her crazed mental state.

Why it’s perfect for the gift exchange: Because what else could you possibly buy her? You have no idea what the woman likes, there is no possible way she would tell you, and you are not even sure she likes anything. You think you saw a glimmer in her eye when she saw these cool word socks, meaning you have officially accomplished the impossible. Congratulations.


Antler Pugs Christmas Sock

Who you immediately thought of: Jessica from accounting. She must be dreaming of colorful candy canes and cool snowy days while she is sitting there crunching numbers, because she has always approached the holiday season with the same tenacity she does tax season.

Why it’s perfect for the gift exchange: Because who doesn’t love an adorable pug made even cuter by Christmas antlers? Jessica’s unique sense of holiday fashion can be magnified now that her spirit is fed by this fun pair of Christmas socks.


Christmas Flamingo Socks

Who you immediately thought of: Monique… who is just a little off beat. She can make it through a whole day of normalcy before eventually throwing out a “see you later alligator! Huh! Huh!” as you walk out the door. So close Monique, but so far.

Why it’s perfect for the gift exchange: Because you want to get her a cool gift, without getting too close. These fun animal socks fit her colorful personality perfectly, but won’t tell her you should be best friends until the end of eternity. And that is a fine line to walk with Monique.


Chatty Teeth Socks

Who you immediately thought of: Rhonda a few desks down. Although she must be getting some kind of work done, it really doesn’t seem like it based on all the jibber jabbing she is doing. She reminds you of one of these crazy wind up toys, so hopefully she will get the message.

Why it’s perfect for the gift exchange: Because you simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give her a slight hint as to your unique thoughts on her habits. These socks are both fun and colorful, meaning she is likely to overlook it’s true meaning… which is surely a good thing.


Sunflower Socks

Who you immediately thought of: Your best friend, Haley. She is the one thing keeping you sane through your crazy 9-5 everyday, and sunflowers are her favorite. Rather than get her a temporary dozen she will eventually have to throw away, let her keep this colorful bouquet forever.

Why it’s perfect for the gift exchange: Because for once in your life, you actually got the person you want to give a gift to. Although you will laugh about the anonymous exchange later, it was nice to give a genuinely thoughtful gift to someone you know will love their new cool pair of art socks.

November 13, 2015

Hungry Man: Top 10 Men’s Fun Food Socks

You’ve taken down every eating challenge your town has to offer. Man v. Food fills up your DVR. When friends need someone to barbecue, they know who to call. Food is your life, and you are eternally hungry for another way to prove it. As if the beer gut and pizza stains weren’t enough, you can now rock these awesome food socks guaranteed to fill you up. No need to clean off the grill or beg your wife to do the dishes- these cool socks are a one stop shop and there is no clean up required.


Popcorn Socks

Pair them with: A large soda, a box of Sour Patch Kids, a side of Twix, and as much butter as the teenager working the counter will give you.

Wear them when: You are going to the movies with your girl, and unfortunately it was her turn to pick. So while you are suffering through another colorful rendition of Mamma Mia! you can rest assure knowing you made an awesome choice in picking snacks at the theater, and an even greater choice in fun food socks that will keep you from going stir crazy.


Avocado Socks

Pair them with: A salad, a sandwich, an omelette… anything really. We are not stingy here.

Wear them when: You are meeting a new group of people. Avocados are undeniably trending in the food world, meaning rockin these colorful food socks covered with them will instantly make you the “cool new guy”. Everyone loves the texture, appearance, and size… of this fun pair of socks we mean, although they probably feel that way about the avocados themselves too.


Wine Scene Socks

Pair them with: A fine array of cheese, some finely sliced cured meat, and your favorite (clean) dress shirt.

Wear them when: You are going on a fun couples wine tasting trip, and have to do something to break the monotony of sun hats and boat shoes. In these colorful drink socks adorned with wine bottles, glasses, and piles of grapes, you can actually look forward to an awesome addition to your usual outfit. And a fashionable one, at that. Now your next task is just remaining cool.


Taco Tuesday Socks

Pair them with: A margarita the size of your head, and a full bottle of sriracha ready to go.

Wear them when: It’s been a particularly crazy day at work, and your favorite Mexican restaurant is doing all-you-can-eat tacos… which you view as a fun challenge, of course. This colorful pair of food socks will get your appetite raring to go, which is not all that hard to do. Thankfully you have that margarita to cool you down after dousing your whole plate in hot sauce.


Meat Lover Socks

Pair them with: A twice baked potato, a side of baked beans, and an ice cold beer.

Wear them when: You finally have some unique “me time” with the grill. No frilly veggie burgers and tofu hot dogs this time- just the good stuff. With diagrams of cuts of meat covering these manly food socks, you are sure to have some fun with dinner tonight. Some may call you crazy for tackling a 32 ounce steak, but we here at The Sock Drawer think you are a true visionary.


Bacon & Eggs

Pair them with: A nice cold screwdriver and some home style country potatoes… yeah, that’s the stuff.

Wear them when: You need an extra little kick to get your day going. Whether a crazy time last night or a dreaded meeting this morning is bogging you down, there is nothing a pair of fun food socks for men can’t fix. With colorful details and unique touches, you are guaranteed to turn around any bad morning with a hearty helping of bacon and eggs.


Pair them with: Do we really need to ask? Everything.

Wear them when: You go to work, you go to school, you wake up in the morning… anytime, and all the time. These fun food socks are a shoe in to proving how crazy you are about hot sauce, and how cool your sense of style is. Add a colorful twist to your outfit with this Sriracha pair, and sprinkle a little spice into your daily routine.


IPA Socks

Pair them with: A nice beer battered brat and some cheesy fries… and another IPA.

Wear them when: You are enjoying a cool night amongst old friends. While swapping fun college stories about crazy nights and unforgettable days, know that these unique beer socks are the perfect compliment to good times. Make another toast, or four, and cheers to the awesome past and even better times to come.


Fast Food

Pair them with: An extra large Diet Coke please… because, you know, you are trying to watch your weight.

Wear them when: You are on an awesome road trip with some buddies. With a long road behind you and an even longer one ahead, you can bet there will be a crazy amount of burgers and fries consumed over the course of a couple weeks. Prepare your stomachs and deck your feet out in these cool pair of food socks that will encourage you to persevere through another McDouble.


Pizza Socks

Pair them with: A bottle of ranch dressing, some hot sauce, and a couple garlic bread sticks. And maybe some cinnamon bites for dessert.

Wear them when: The delivery man finally knows your order by heart. After ordering a crazy amount of pizza through a series of cool nights and fun days, you can now take your cheesey obsession to the next level for the price of your favorite two-topping pie with these colorful food socks.

November 11, 2015

Couple’s Awesome Gift Ideas

Stuck on what to get the new couple in your life? Whether your newlywed best friends or your uncle’s step sister’s cousin’s friend and her fiance, buying for pairs can be difficult. Gone are the days of monogrammed scrapbooks cooing a chorus of “awww”s around the Christmas tree.. and we can bet stemware is also covered. Instead, step your gift game up like we know you can with these awesome pairs of socks for the happy couple in your life.

The Foodies


How they met: At a food truck festival, where they both sent back their sesame shish kabob for not being done “just so”. While others may be annoyed with their uniquely high standards and impossibly refined taste buds, this couple with a colorful palette feed off of each other.

Why they will love these fun food & drink socks: They can admire their pairs while waiting for their shark fin soup to cool down. Instead of chastising this couple for making reservations ten times more difficult, their similarities will be encouraged in any one of these awesome pairs of food socks for your favorite couple.

The Athletes


How they met: On the trail, of course. They caught each other’s eye while one was pedaling past the other on the tenth mile of their marathon training, followed by the first doing a crazy number of squats at the trailhead anticipating their finish. Now their unique dates consist of rock climbing and weightlifting, with small breaks for meal prepping.

Why they will love these cool active socks: With such a tight schedule between cross training and endurance work, this couple will love these colorful socks for their functionality and style. Going straight from the gym to the track to work poses a great fashion issue- but these fun socks allow them to have the best of both worlds.

The Animal Lovers

sock_it_to_me_boston_terrier_dog_socks_mens_sockdrawer.com_3c0920f8-b8f7-4fe2-9723-729190b3e967_large (1)


How they met: As they were prying their dogs off of each other at the dog park. While Fido and Sparky were duking it out over a colorful tennis ball, sparks were flying between the fun pup’s owners. Once they began comparing favorite kitten breeds, their unique love was a sure thing.

Why they will love these colorful animal socks: Because now they can proudly wear their pride and joy on their little paws… err, we mean feet. Although some may call them crazy for living with combined five dogs, four cats and eight fish… they see no problem now that they may give each pet equal attention through a cool pair of socks that feature their likeness.

The Artists


How they met: While brooding over a dismal sunset they were both attempting to capture- one through the lense of a film camera and the other by means of watercolor. While passionately arguing which medium captured the colorful hues more accurately, their crazy love story began.

Why they will love these cool art socks: Because while they are facing artists block after staring at a canvas for ten hours, they can feel inspired by their unique art socks that feature their favorite works. Although they may get covered in the occasional splash of paint, you can bet these cool socks will be treated as if they were the real thing.

The Geeks


How they met: At the comic store, as they reached for the same unique, original copy of Spiderman. They each pushed their glasses up the bridge of their nose and shyly smiled as a form of greeting. Once they got talking about Call of Duty and the travesty that was Marvel’s crazy new movie series, the rest was history.

Why they will love these colorful geek socks: Because now in addition to their cool collection of graphic tees, this couple can compliment their fun wardrobe with a pair of geeky socks that are right up their alley. Also, these socks are guaranteed to not distract from their Dungeons and Dragons game.

The Outdoorsy Type


How they met: As they were both making their way through the Narrows in Zion National Park. As they waded hip-deep through the colorful channels of rock, their hearts filled even higher with love for each other. They made plans to tackle Half Dome together and the rest was history.

Why they will love these awesome hiking/outdoor socks: Because they can wear them hiking, paragliding, base jumping, tree climbing, and everywhere in between. Upon finally finding unique touches to their wardrobe to compliment their crazy love of the outdoors, they can regain focus on the important things in life- like which National Park to hit next.

The Music Lovers


How they met: They first locked eyes amongst the colorful crowd at an AC/DC concert, introduced each other at the local Orchestra, and agreed to go on a date at the Wu Tang reunion festival. After admiring each other’s unique record collection, their fate was sealed, and they were deemed musical soul mates.

Why they will love these cool music socks: Because they will add a little extra flair to their usual fun festival going outfit. Whether covered in the cool instruments they both play, or general music motifs, there is no doubt these music lovers will get a kick out of socks tailored exactly to their tastes.

November 6, 2015

Saying Thank you with Thanksgiving socks

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and reflection, but most importantly, a time to give thanks to those who have made an impact on your life over the last year. Be the hit of the dinner party by giving your gracious host a pair of colorful Thanksgiving socks that are just as delicious as that gravy that you douse over your entire plate.


For your Grandma

As one of the few times you come all the way home to hang out with the family, Thanksgiving is extremely important to your grandma. As she showers you in kisses and insists that you must have grown since the last time she saw you, affirm your status as favorite grandchild by giving her this unique pair of animal socks. You love her and all, but the longer you are listening to her stories about how fun bingo was, the longer your siblings are getting a leg up on seconds.


For your best friend

For whatever reason, you have found yourself participating in “Friendsgiving” this year. Gone are the days of relying on your mom to make the potato salad- this time, you are all on your own. After extensive research online and an hour in the grocery store, you and your friends think you have it all together… until your roommate burns the turkey to a crisp. After fanning the smoke away from the detectors all afternoon, give the chef this pair of colorful pilgrim squirrel socks as a symbol of her valiant effort. At least she will appear festive while eating Chinese takeout on Turkey day.


For your Dad

Ice cold beer? Check. “Kiss the cook” apron? Check. Football game blaring? Check. Give your old man the only thing he is missing this Thanksgiving- a pair of unique animal socks that will give any baked turkey a run for its money. While pops is stressing about timing the main dish with half time, he won’t have to worry about adapting his favorite outfit for the holiday occasion.


For your Mom

Moms are the best! Year after year your mom goes out of her way to make your favorite dishes at Thanksgiving. She spends all day in the kitchen while you and your siblings sit around napping and snacking. This year, treat the head chef with some fun socks covered in kitties and cornucopia.

November 3, 2015

Art Connoisseur: Top 10 Men’s Cool Art Socks

You have indulged in art to adorn your walls, but have you considered wearing your favorite pieces? Step into The Sock Drawer, home to dozens of pairs of incredible art socks guaranteed to make the pickiest fanatic crack a grin. Consider this the only way to own the masterpiece of your dreams without committing jewel heist or shelling out a casual hundred million dollars.


The Thinker Socks

When it was created: The original cast of the Thinker was created in France in 1902, by sculptor Auguste Rodin.

How it translates to modern times: Originally named Le Poète (The Poet), the Thinker was initially a figure in a large commission, started in 1880, for a doorway surround called The Gates of Hell. Our version of the Thinker depicts him sitting alone deep in thought. With these cool detailed art socks for men, you will constantly be reminded to focus on what is important- like which filter to chose on that fun #selfie.


Sunday Afternoon Socks

When it was created: A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte was painted by Georges Seurat in France from 1884-1886, using pointillism style.

How it translates to modern times: In France during the late 1800’s a cool Sunday afternoon in the park likely entailed discussing Voltaire and Rousseau, while dreaming of witnessing a Delacroix in person. A similar setting now would probably include a pile of smartphones, a slew of colorful instagram posts and forced fun captions. Take it back to the simple days with these unique art socks for men, and maybe even enjoy a picnic device-free.


Mona Lisa Socks

When it was created: Leonardo da Vinci completed the Mona Lisa in 1517, after working on it for nearly 14 years.

How it translates to modern times: The notorious “Mona Lisa” smile is unique to the early 16th century, when only stone-faced portraits were popular. The thought of a fun smile like hers was considered crazy- although a similar portrait today would unfortunately swing too much in the other direction. Throw it back to a classic with these gorgeously detailed art socks, and please promise us to refrain from ever using the duck face.


The Kiss Socks

When it was created: In 1908, during his Golden Period, Gustav Klimt created The Kiss while living in Austria.

How it translates to modern times: History and artwork have given us countless portraits of iconic kisses. While grand romantic gestures may be unique amongst the generation of texting and social media, bring back some crazy fashion passion with these stunningly colorful art socks sure to light a fire in your wardrobe.


The Old Guitarist Socks

When it was created: Pablo Picasso completed his portrait of The Old Guitarist during his Blue Period in 1903.

How it translates to modern times: At the beginning of the 20th century, this crazy guitarist is likely strumming a cool hymn with religious undertones picked up in church- but currently, he would be more likely strumming your favorite heart-wrenching Death Cab for Cutie song. Pay homage to the classics with this unique pair of colorful art socks, whether your emotion matches the melancholy tones or not.


Race Horses Socks

When it was created: Edgar Degas drew Race Horses using pastel from 1885-88.

How it translates to modern times: As the popularity of horse races was peaking across the Western world, both the elite and the hoi polloi became obsessed with the fun fast paced event and crazy antics that followed. Everything from bookkeeping to regulations have changed, but one element has surely remained: the fascination with colorful hats and pastel outfits. Head off to the races in this awesome pair of artwork socks as unique as the names of the horses you will be betting on.


Starry Night Socks

When it was created: Van Gogh painted The Starry Night in June 1889, after being admitted to an insane asylum in France.

How it translates to modern times: In the late 1800’s, when Van Gogh painted his most famed work, he could likely see the stars as clearly as they are presented in his artwork. Now, people in most parts of the world are lucky if they can make out a few blurred dots amongst a sea of darkness. Thankfully with these colorful art socks, such an awesome view doesn’t need to be so unique- you can now wear a night as clear as day whenever you please.


David Socks

When it was created: David, the ideal man, was created by artist Michelangelo from 1501-1504 while living in Italy.

How it translates to modern times: David, nonchalantly posing after his run in with Goliath, is supposed to represent the ideal representation of man- which clearly hasn’t changed much. While waistbands have expanded and arteries have contracted, David still remains in his unique physical condition. Make this colorful pair of awesome art socks your very own… also, we are thinking it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sharpen up those cool slingshot skills of yours. You know, just in case.


The Scream Socks

When it was created: The Scream was created in four versions of pastel and paintings between 1893 and 1910 by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.

How it translates to modern times: Munch received inspiration for the scream depicted in his painting when he was walking along a path and suddenly felt, and supposedly heard, a crazy scream run through the cool channels of nature. Although we can bet you haven’t had the same divine inspiration, we can bet you will shriek over these awesome artwork socks that are guaranteed to add a fun punch of color to your outfit.


The Great Wave Socks

When it was created: Woodblock printer Hokusai created The Great Wave between 1829 and 1832 as part of his collection Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji.

How it translates to modern times: While smashing waves once dominated Japanese art, the modern, far more familiar wave is that of emails on a Monday morning. Return to natural roots with these amazing artwork socks for men, with an awesome rendition of the woodblock painting with strikingly colorful details.