Author: Jennifer Wright

May 22, 2018

Explore Our Stretchiest Knee Highs for All Sizes

If you’re in the market for fun and funky knee high socks, you’ve got to check out our special collection of extra stretchy styles. We happily carry two different brands of knee highs that are specifically designed to look great on all sizes of legs, and of course they’re packed with fantastic patterns, just like all of our socks.

All of these styles fit perfectly for women with slender legs, but they can also stretch for:

  • Women with wider calves
  • Women with very muscular legs
  • Women who prefer a stretchier fit that can often work over leggings or skinny pants
  • Some men who want to rock knee high socks, as long as their shoe size isn’t too large

Take a look at these two brands to learn more about how they might work for you.

Sock It to Me Knee Highs

Sock It to Me has long been a favorite brand of our shoppers thanks to its bold, quirky patterns, but we also love the company’s commitment to accommodating plus size shoppers and others who want a stretchier fit. In 2015, Sock It to Me started making extra stretchy “wide calf” knee high socks designed with a higher thread count so that their patterns aren’t distorted when they stretch out. This means they look bold and beautiful on all sizes of legs, up to a 21-inch circumference.

ModSocks Knee Highs

We also carry a large selection of tall socks from ModSocks, a brand that makes richly detailed patterns that we completely adore, from lovely florals to naughty honey badgers! What’s more, the brand’s knee highs have a very accommodating fit. Although they are not advertised as “wide calf” knee highs, per se, the company does test them on a large range of real legs during the design process, ensuring they fit real people of many sizes. We sock fairies have found through personal experience that ModSocks knee highs stretch quite well, particularly those that have less complex patterns.

Knee high socks are one of our favorite ways to add a major dose of bold creativity to your look, and we believe that should go for everyone, regardless of her shape or size.

If you’re in the market for wide calf knee highs and are curious about which pairs might work best for you, the sock fairies are here to help! We encourage you to give us a call at (805) 786-4375, Ext. 2, or shoot us an email at We would be happy to make personalized recommendations based on our own experience with these awesome socks!

May 15, 2018

Proud Patriotic Socks for Your Summer Celebrations

Memorial Day is on its way, and the Fourth of July will be here before you know it! There’s just something about summertime in the good ol’ U-S-of-A that makes you feel patriotic, and we’ve got the perfect red, white and blue footwear to help you rock your American pride.

Check out our selection of patriotic socks, perfect for the upcoming holidays or anytime. We suggest pairing these with shorts or a dress — the ideal summer attire anyway — for maximum impact!

Stars & Stripes

You can’t go wrong with Old Glory! These fun socks feature the stars and stripes … or at least some component of them, as with those hot dog socks with stars. How great would those look at a Memorial Day cookout?

Made in the USA

We also have dozens of styles of socks that are made in the USA. They feature all kinds of patterns, both patriotic and otherwise, so you can find a style that suits your personality and still feel great about supporting American manufacturers!

These timeless styles are a fun, festive way to get into the spirit of the summer season. Pick yours up soon!

May 8, 2018

The Perfect Pairs for Graduation Gifts

Do you have a high school or college graduate in your life whom you are exceptionally proud of? Show them some love this graduation season with some fabulous footwear to mark the milestone!

Whether it’s some socks to rock at the diploma ceremony, something to wear as they head off to a new job or just some party socks to help them celebrate, we’ve got them covered! Check out all of our graduation socks.

Men's Graduation Socks

Men's Graduation Socks Women's

These fun socks make the perfect graduation gift idea. They feature stacks of books, mortar boards and diplomas, just right for pairing with a cap and gown!

For Celebrating!

Those students have worked so hard for so long — it’s time to kick back! These fun socks are designed for partying down.

For Academic Endeavors

These socks are great for high school graduates who can’t wait to head to college and dive into their major fields, or for college grads who loved their studies and want to rock them on their feet!

For Work

Is the grad you know heading off to start a job? These occupation socks are a great choice! They also work for folks heading into grad school or an advanced degree.

We also encourage you to search our site for whatever the grad you know is into. Make a personalized gift set tailored to their personality! These fun mementos will serve as a wonderful reminder for years to come of the important milestone they achieved. Now that’s a great gift idea!

May 1, 2018

Meet Smartwool’s Next Big Thing: The Curated Collection

One of our all-time favorite brands, Smartwool, has taken a very stylish step in an exciting new direction with its “Curated” collection. These socks are bold and modern, redefining everything you know about wool socks.

A Modern Approach

Colorful wool socks for men with an angular, stylized sand dune scene
Sand Dunes Curated Wool Socks

Smartwool has long been known for top quality, and that’s why many of our customers (and us sock fairies!) call the brand a favorite. Smartwool removes those infamously itchy barbs from all of its fiber, which is only the softest Merino wool. Now, they’re taking that same advanced approach to style, and we’re so thrilled that our store is one of the few getting a chance to sell these amazing socks.

The key to the bold patterns on these styles is printing. In the past, all of Smartwool’s socks have been woven from pre-dyed yarn, which limited their designs. Now, after years of research, the company has developed a new printing process that results in richly saturated color and precise lines. The wool is dyed using a circular mandrel, rather than lying flat, which makes for a seamless, 360-degree design. The result is Smartwool’s impeccable comfort with a fresh, vibrant look.

Smartwool Curated Socks

Your New Favorite Socks

Because these are Merino wool, they’ll perform beautifully even if you’re taking them for a rigorous hike. However, we think these socks are a great choice for everyday activities like work at the office or an evening out because they’re just so stylish. The cool geometric patterns and vibrant colors are a real eye-catcher.

We’ve picked up five of these new Curated styles for men, and we’re so excited to see whether you sock lovers out there find them as great as we do! Expect to see more designs in this line, for both men and women, in the future.

Featured image courtesy of Smartwool.

April 24, 2018

Treat Her Feet for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up soon on Sunday, May 13, and we’re sure you agree that all the amazing mothers in your life deserve something special! How about some socks that put a spring in their step and a smile on their face?

Fun novelty socks make a great gift for a few reasons:

  • They’re thoughtful, because we have patterns for every personality.
  • They’re practical, because everyone needs socks.
  • They’re affordable! (You’re welcome.)

Check out some of the special pairs we’ve highlighted here, and be sure to take a look at our hand-picked Mother’s Day collection. We also suggest you think carefully about the mother you’re shopping for — your own mom, your spouse, a sister, friend or other loved one — and what she might like. Then search our site for funny socks, floral socks, animals, hobbies or whatever she’s into! That way, you’ll have a truly personalized present.

Something Sweet

Hearts, flowers, hobbies and other sweet patterns make a great choice for moms on this special day. Let her feel the love!

Something Sassy

Is your mom more sassy than sweet? We love it! Hook her up with a pattern like these that has a little more attitude.

Mom & Child Sets

What better way to celebrate motherhood than with matching sets of socks for moms and their kids? Many of our kids’ socks have a matching women’s size. These make a great gift from a child!

We also have gift cards so the mom you’re shopping for can pick out her own faves, and we offer gift wrapping with hand-written notes if you are sending your mom a present from afar. Anything we can do to help show the moms of the world how much they mean to us!

April 17, 2018

Up Your Sock Swag with New Men’s Styles

Calling all guys! Are you ready to take your style to the next level? We are ready to help! We have dozens and dozens of new men’s socks in stock featuring some of the best and brightest patterns ever.

If you’re the kind of guy who has always stuck to boring basics, it’s time to branch out! We have so many new options that you’re bound to find a style that makes you smile. And for those of you who are already into weird and wild novelty socks, well you know we’ve got you covered, too!

Check out some of the latest and greatest styles:

Hobbies & Sports

The perfect socks for fans, hobbyists, athletes and appreciators! These fun sports and hobby patterns cover a huge range of interests. Whatever you’re into, we’ve got the socks to match.


You’ve got kind of a hungry man thing going on, huh? No problem. We’ve got a menu full of tasty, fun patterns starring your favorite foods and drinks.


We could all use a laugh, and there’s no better spot for a silly pattern than your feet! These funny styles should really tickle your toes.


Take your style cues from the wild kingdom in these cool animal socks! You’ll find dogs, cats, pandas, fish — even extinct dinos!

Of course, all these new arrivals are just a drop in the bucket that is our entire selection of men’s crew socks. We also have lots of new beach socks, wedding socks and many other fun themes. Start working on your sock swag now.

April 10, 2018

Make the Spring Transition in Knee Highs

Spring is in full swing! The weather is warming up, which has us itching to show off our weird, wild socks in shorter fashions like dresses, skirts and shorts. But we know that at this time of year, no matter how much we’d love to rock a pair of jorts, the weather report may not oblige.

When you’re ready to wear fun, bright socks for spring but it’s chilly and rainy out, knee high socks are the perfect solution.

These beauties are really versatile in that you can still show off some awesome patterns with lots of different outfits and shoe choices. You can stay covered up from spring’s wetter, colder days but still inject lots of color and fun into your style, which we all need post-winter!

Read on to learn about some different knee high styling options that are perfect for the season.

Over Slim Pants or Leggings

On those cool, rainy spring days, you can still have fun with your socks and stay warm by layering the socks on top of pants. Skinny jeans and other slim cut pants, as well as leggings, can look great under knee high socks.

We have a collection of extra stretchy knee highs that accommodate beautifully for the extra bulk of having a layer underneath. They are designed specifically to stretch without distorting the design.

So on those days when you’re just dying to wear a spring dress and fun socks, but you know you’ll freeze, just put some leggings on underneath! Or slip on your warm skinny jeans and a bright top with some matching knee highs.

With Rain Boots

What’s cuter than fun rain boots? Fun rain boots with knee socks, of course!

Seriously, rubber rain boots are back again this spring as a cozy but stylish choice to get through the season, and we adore how they look with knee high socks. We suggest you choose a style that has a large-scale, graphic pattern to peek out of your boots, or perhaps something weather-appropriate like these Raining Cats & Dogs socks!

Warming It Up

Of course, as the spring weather turns from lion to lamb and the temperatures rise, you can lose the layers, ditch the rain boots and just rock your knee socks loud and proud. They still provide more coverage for chilly mornings but are positively cheerful by the time the sun comes out!

Try some bright, springy colors or floral patterns to truly capture the feeling of renewal and let your style bloom!

April 3, 2018

No Cold Feet Here Thanks to New Wedding Socks

The weather is warming up, and so is the love in our hearts, because it’s wedding season! We have lots of fun new socks in stock that celebrate all things nuptial, from the engagement and bachelor(ette) party to the ceremony and honeymoon.

These cool men’s and women’s wedding socks make a great shower gift, a favor for members of a bridal party or accessories for the bride and groom to wear through each stage of the process of gettin’ hitched! Check ’em out.

Matching Sets

Cold Feet for Him
For Her

Cold Feet for Him For Her

These funny socks are the perfect gift to give the bride- and groom-to-be on the night before the wedding to stave off any risk of cold feet!

Mr. Right
Mrs. ALWAYS Right

Mr. Right Mrs. ALWAYS Right

Maybe she’s found Mr. Right, but that makes her Mrs. ALWAYS Right! Perfect for the sassy couple.

Just Married for Him
For Her

Just Married for Him For Her

These convertible socks are the coolest, featuring the happy couple driving off in all their “just married” glory!

Mother of the Groom
Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Groom Mother of the Bride

These Mother of the Bride/Groom socks are a great way to treat those very special guests of honor!

The Perfect Wedding Wear

Tuxes, wedding gowns, rings, honeymoon destinations — they’re all featured on these fun socks. We love the idea of donning these while wedding planning or even while cutting a rug at the reception! Pop off those heels and dress shoes and slide around your dance floor in these cuties instead.

Aside from these patterns, we’d also like to remind you that our men’s socks make great choices for groomsmen. Give them all matching pairs, or let them all choose a pattern in a certain color family to fit your theme! It’s just one of many ways you can make sure every detail is perfect on your big day, all the way down to the toes.

March 27, 2018

Dip Your Toes into Beach & Ocean Socks

The beach is so hot right now! At least, it’s hot in the sock world. Maybe it’s warm where you are, or maybe you live in area where the weather is still frigid. Regardless, we suggest you slip into some fun ocean-themed socks in an effort to get away from it all!

One of our favorite things about wearing crazy socks is that it can be transportive. No matter where you are or what you’re up to, you can slip on a fun pair of socks that make you smile every time you glance down. And there’s pretty much nothing better than beach socks when it comes to whisking you away for a daydream vacation!

We have lots of beachy new styles in stock this season, plus some older favorites. Take a look through your spyglass at these cool designs featuring seashore scenery, sailing, pirates, tropical motifs and more!

Beach Vibes

Sunglasses, waves, sailboats and hula dancers — this is the life! These cool women’s and men’s styles are giving off major vacation vibes. Who’s ready for spring break?


For those of you on your way to hang 10, these cool surfing socks will be a perfect fit. We suggest leaving them back at your vintage VW bus, though.


Yargh, matey! Pirate socks are the perfect way for salty dogs and landlubbers alike to show their allegiance to the mighty sea!


Mermaids are a common theme this season, too! Who wouldn’t want a mysterious beauty lurking in the depths of their shoes?

In addition to all these funny, sunny ocean socks, we also have tons of styles of marine animal socks for women and men! Be sure to explore them all!

March 20, 2018

Slip into Spring’s Hot Colors

Spring is all about renewal, and for all of you sock lovers out there, that means renewing your foot fashions! We have tons of fresh styles in stock for women and men, plus lots of older favorites you can choose from to brighten up your sock drawer.

One of our favorite ways to stay on trend is to follow the hues of the season. This year, according to such trendmakers as Vogue, the hottest colors of the spring are violet, yellow, lavender, red and mossy green.

Take a look at some of our favorite sock styles from each of these color families:

Ultra Violet

This rich purple was chosen by Pantone as the 2018 color of the year, and it’s one of our absolute favorite hues for fun socks. Bold but still cool in a sort of sophisticated way, this deep color is quite the eye-catcher for crazy sock patterns!


Speaking of eye-catching, what’s better than yellow? Found all over spring runways, yellow brings life to any look!


This light lavender color has gotten super popular for many of our women’s socks! We love how the sweet hue is vibrant and cheery while still looking feminine.

Cherry Red

Does red ever go out of style? This bright cherry — not burgundy or crimson or cinnamon — is on trend to fire up your footwear this season!

Mossy Green

Now for something subtler: mossy green. This understated hue is actually the perfect backdrop for some of our silliest and most outspoken patterns. With a neutral color like this, no one will even know how much you love sloths until you point it out!

We have socks in every color of the rainbow — including rainbow socks! Remember, you can always search through our thousands of styles by color. Simply use the filters to choose the shades you’re looking for.