Author: Jennifer Wright

September 18, 2018

Get Inspired by New Art Socks

These artful new arrivals will have your creative juices flowing in no time! Meet the newest additions to The Sock Drawer gallery: fun art socks featuring the work of Frida Kahlo, Vincent van Gogh and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

These gorgeous socks make a great gift idea for art lovers and other creative types who like their style to stand out. Take a closer look …

Frida Kahlo

These four new Kahlo styles are made by one of our favorite brands, Socksmith, who printed the patterns rather than weaving them. The result is super-saturated color and really rich levels of detail, which is just right for Kahlo! We’ve got a pair of women’s portrait styles (one with sunglasses!) and a pair that feature quotations and Kahlo motifs. So. Dreamy.

Vincent van Gogh

Our newest van Gogh socks are also made by Socksmith using their new printing technology, and they truly capture a fantastic level of color and beauty. These four women’s styles include a self-portrait and three of the painter’s most famous florals.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Basquiat Anatomy Socks
Head Case Socks

Basquiat Anatomy Socks Head Case Socks

Finally, we have two new men’s styles from the brand Stance featuring work inspired by Basquiat. These dark and moody socks reflect some of the intensely evocative motifs common in his work, such as graffiti, faces and an overwhelming sense of urban angst. We think these would look fantastic with cool sneakers.

Longtime Faves

Of course, remember to check out our entire collection of art socks for women and men, filled with some of the most beloved works in history. We’ve also got great Bob Ross socks for fans, budding artists and nostalgia lovers alike!

September 11, 2018

Spookify Your Feet with Halloween Socks

Are you ready to freak everybody out with your frightening feet this Halloween? Of course, we’re not talking about how scary your bare feet are — just these fun socks! Our Halloween novelty socks run the gamut from cute and silly to downright scary, with a little something for everyone.

Here are just a few of our top styles for this year’s most haunting holiday. Be sure to check out our full frightful collections for women and men before you head out trick-or-treating!

Creepy Classics

Ghosts, mummies, candy corn, witches, pumpkins — you know this cast of classic Halloween characters! We’ve got enough of these fantastic patterns that you just might be able to wear a new pair every day in October.

Glow in the Dark!

Batnado Knee High Socks
Trick or Treat? Socks

Batnado Knee High Socks Trick or Treat? Socks

What’s that lurking in the night?! Why, it’s socks that glow in the dark! Both of these fun patterns are available in a women’s knee high and a men’s crew style. The moon and bats glow in the Batnado pattern, and the ghost costumes glow in the pattern with dogs and cats. Speaking of pets …

Haunting Cats & Dogs

These styles featuring your pets getting into the spirit of Halloween have already proved super popular among our shoppers, and it’s early September! We’ll do our best to keep these puppies (and kitties) in stock, but you had better nab them whenever you see they’re available!

Dia de los Muertos

We’re also so excited to offer several styles this year celebrating el Dia de los Muertos with traditional sugar skull motifs. These Day of the Dead patterns are a little bit spooky and a whole lotta sweet!

Truly Terrifying ... Mwuahaha!

Last but not least, a few patterns that could legit freak a few people out. If you want spiders, scary clowns and werewolves on your feet, Halloween is the time do it!

So those are some highlights from our Halloween socks, but you should also keep in mind how well novelty socks can complement a costume! Search for whatever theme you’re dressing up as to find the perfect accessories to finish off your look.

September 4, 2018

Pop into New Pop Culture Socks

Hey, pop culture fans! We’ve got some extra special new styles in this season that may just put a little spring in your step! These fun women’s and men’s socks put your favorite childhood media on display, including the Care Bears, Scooby-Doo and Star Wars.

These officially licensed socks are perfect nostalgia fuel for all you ’90s kids and others who’d like to walk a mile in the footwear of Cheer Bear, Shaggy and C-3PO!

Care Bears

Have you been working on your Care Bear stare? We have all these colorful styles and more with your favorite adorable childhood cartoon characters in all kinds of imaginative situations. Grumpy Bear needs more coffee, Cheer Bear has turned into a unicorn raft, and Bedtime Bear is lost in a dreamland of burgers and pizza. Check out our Care Bears socks.

Scooby Doo, Where Are You Socks
Scooby Snacks Socks

Scooby Doo, Where Are You Socks Scooby Snacks Socks

Zoinks! Don’t miss this pair of Scooby-Doo socks for men! These hilarious patterns feature Scoobs and his buddy Shaggy, as well as their favorite Scooby Snacks. They’re perfect for guys who always dreamed of tooling around with the whole gang in the Mystery Machine!

Star Wars

Let’s not forget these men’s socks from a long time ago and a galaxy far away. So far this season, we’ve got awesome Star Wars socks featuring R2-D2, C-3PO, BB-8, Chewbacca and a stormtrooper, and even more patterns are on the way! These ARE the socks you’re looking for (waves hand slowly).

All these styles are welcome additions to our lineup of crazy cool socks, which also includes a variety of Bob Ross styles we got in earlier this year that real nostalgia fiends can’t miss!

September 1, 2018

Gift Guide: Personalized Ideas for Every Personality

We’re back again to help with all your gift shopping needs! Having recently covered moms, dads and kids, we thought we’d turn to all those other folks in your life who will need Christmas presents and gifts for other occasions, but who maybe aren’t so easy to shop for. We’re talking gift ideas for co-workers, in-laws, acquaintances, your kids’ teachers … you know the type!

Let’s break it down by personality. Is the person you’re shopping for a cheerful, silly optimist? A bit of a grouch? A curious explorer? An ambitious go-getter?

Well, we’ve got just the thing …

The Optimist

For those bright, fun people who add joy to your life, how about some accessories that add joy to theirs? Funny socks and colorful food and animal patterns are great for optimists who want some silly socks to go with their bold, colorful personalities!

The Pessimist

Give those snarky, sassy pessimists a taste of their own medicine with these sarcastic patterns. Sometimes it just feels good to embrace the dark side a little bit!

The Introvert

What better than comfy, cute socks for a night in? Here we have a selection of patterns with books, video games, pets and animals who are prone to introverted behavior … like Bigfoot! Plus, you could hook your introvert friends and loved ones up with some cozy luxury socks that are great for lounging!

The Type A

Bold folks with strong personalities can take charge of their footwear with these styles we’ve hand-picked for all the Type A’s out there!

The Explorer

Shopping for a person who loves hiking, daydreaming about deep space or the deep sea, or otherwise getting curious about this wonderful world of ours? We have lots of patterns celebrating Mother Nature and human nature that they might adore!

The Creative

Art and music lovers and other creative types are likely to thrive in these fun patterns. Help inspire them to add a little more beauty to the world in socks that are just as beautiful!

Our most loyal sock lovers may remember that we did another blog post like this one a year ago. You let us know you loved that gift guide, so we hand-picked all new choices from this year’s stock to make sure you had the latest and greatest gifts ahead of the 2018 holiday shopping season!

Be sure to check out all of our gift guides as the holidays creep closer, and remember to sign up for our email newsletter to find out about sales!

August 30, 2018

Gift Guide: Ideas for Dad That He’ll Actually Love

Earlier this week, we hooked you up with up with our best gift ideas for Mom, but now it’s Dad’s turn! The winter holidays are approaching fast, and we’ve got some great styles in that would work fantastically as Christmas presents for dads.

Whether you’re shopping for your own pops, a spouse, relative, friend or other loved one, these are fun socks for men that we have a feeling the dad on your list will love!

The Daddingest Dad Socks of All

Here Comes Cool Dad Socks
Ain't No Bad Joke Like a Dad Joke Socks

Here Comes Cool Dad Socks Ain't No Bad Joke Like a Dad Joke Socks

We have two styles we just had to highlight here. These hilarious socks are literally designed as gifts for dads, focusing on that classic patriarchal nature to be as dorky as possible!

Honor His Interests

One of the reasons we think cool socks make such a great gift is that there are so many patterns available that you can truly personalize your present! What is the dad on your shopping list into? Sports, pop culture, food, geeky stuff? Navigate through our different collections, and be sure to use our handy search function to look for specific hobbies and interests to show him you really care.

Get Creative

Speaking of specific interests, we wanted to point out our art, music and literature collections. We think these are some of our most unique and interesting patterns, and folks who are into those things tend to really flip for these socks!

Crack Him Up

Does the dad you’re shopping for have a fantastic sense of humor? Most dads do, in our experience! Give him a sense of style to match with these funny men’s socks.

Dress Him for Success

Are you shopping for a dad who works in a formal office? Consider some of our patterned men’s socks. More like traditional dress socks, these styles are a little less “novelty” but still add some fun and color to more formal business attire.

Get Festive

And of course, if you’re shopping for Christmas or winter holidays, you can’t go wrong with men’s holiday socks! These also make great stocking stuffer ideas for him.

So those are some of our picks for padres! We’re doing our darndest to make holiday shopping easy on all you sock lovers out there, so be sure to check back here often as winter approaches and we roll out more gift guides. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to find out about great deals!

August 28, 2018

Gift Guide: Thoughtful Ideas for Mom

Welcome kids and dads, husbands and friends! Welcome to all of you out there who will be shopping for a loving mom in your life sometime soon. Whether you’re looking for ideas for Christmas presents as the holiday season approaches, birthday gift ideas or favors for another festive occasion, we’re here to help you find some fun and fabulous women’s socks Mom will love!

We’ve picked out some of our favorite socks for mothers below, but remember we have hundreds of styles in stock so you can find the perfect pairs for the deserving mom you know! First up, though, get started right here with our gift guide.

Something Personal

Does the mom on your shopping list have a favorite animal or food? A certain hobby she adores? Is she really into reading … or wine … or astrology? One of the best things about giving novelty socks as a gift is that there is a pattern out there to tickle anyone’s toes. Think about what the woman you’re shopping for loves, and use our handy search feature to find some appealing pairs!

Something Luxurious

Next, head on over to our luxury collection! Everyone likes feeling pampered. The top-quality socks in this collection are made from high-end fibers such as cashmere and wool and are designed to make her feet feel great, especially as colder weather arrives. You’ll also find compression socks here, which are designed to reduce foot swelling and soreness. They make a super thoughtful gift for women who sit or stand for prolonged periods or otherwise struggle with sore feet.

Something Funny

Thank goodness for all the silly moms out there, teaching new generations to find joy wherever they can in the world! If the mom you’re shopping for has a great sense of humor, then so should her socks! We have lots of styles with funny patterns and sayings on them that she’ll get a real kick out of.

Something Inspiring

Does the mom on your shopping list always find a way to motivate and inspire you? Return the favor with some of these gorgeous styles that feature feminist icons, dreamy phrases and more. Check out our girl power and art collections.

Something Festive

Last but not least, consider a holiday pattern! We have Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas socks galore. They make great stocking stuffer ideas and are always a cheerful addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

Remember to check out all of our gift guides as we move toward the holiday season, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to learn about sales, new products and other special news — plus earn yourself a coupon!

August 24, 2018

Gift Guide: Great Ideas for Kids’ Presents

The holidays are coming soon, and we’re getting all stocked up on gifts for the whole family! It’s time for you to do the same.

Whether you’re looking for ideas for Christmas or Hanukkah presents or stocking stuffers for kids, we’ve got the perfect gift ideas! Our fun kids’ novelty socks are a bright, cool way to help your little ones stand out from their peers and express themselves.

We’ve got lots of patterns featuring their favorite foods, animals and much more. Just one tip: Pick out more than one pair, because they’re going to absolutely love these!

Fun Patterns

We have dozens of pairs available in different sizes so you can hunt through and pick out the styles you know your kids will adore. If you’re shopping for a niece, nephew or other little loved one, be sure to check with their guardians on what their shoe sizes are. Then use the guides on each of our product pages to find the right fit.


To make shopping extra easy and affordable, check out our three-pack sock sets. Each set has three pairs in a matching theme, such as sports, pirates, pets, and more.

Babies & Toddlers

Don’t forget the littlest feet of all! We have a selection of styles just for babies and toddlers, and let us reassure you … they are totally adorable. Is there anything cuter than little tiny toes all dressed up?

Holiday Styles

Don’t miss our Christmas and other holiday socks for kids! These are perfect for wearing to their school holiday recital or under the tree on Christmas morning.

One of the best things about many of these kids’ socks is that many have a matching style for adults. Pick up a set for Mom and Dad, too! What a cute family photo op!

As the holidays approach, remember to check back often for more of our gift guides, and also be sure to sign up for our newsletter! It’s the easiest way to earn yourself a coupon and to learn about special deals and sales!

August 21, 2018

Sock Fairy Faves: The Best Socks of 2018

As summer comes to an end, we’ve gotten most of our new styles in for fall. Before you know it, we’ll all be gearing up for winter holiday shopping, and that got us sock fairies thinking about our favorite styles of 2018.

Some of these fun socks are sort of classic novelty patterns and some are sassy, sarcastic showstoppers, but they all have that certain special something in common that makes us think of them as favorites. We sock fairies have been in the game for a while, so you can trust that our picks really are the best and the brightest socks around.

Check out our 2018 favorites here, and be sure to peruse our full collection of staff picks!

Bob Ross Happy Clouds Socks

We added these cheerful Bob Ross socks to our lineup this year, and boy, have they been popular! The painter and pop culture icon is totally having a moment, so why not rock his joyful aesthetic on your feet? Sock fairy Nancy says the world could use a few more happy clouds! What’s more, these are made of a super soft combed cotton, so they feel as good as they look.

Dinosaurs Socks

Dinosaurs have been a popular theme for a long time, but this pattern was new this year and it soared like a pterodactyl! Owner and queen sock fairy Brooke says these remind her of the feeling she had as a kid who wanted to grow up to be a paleontologist. There’s definitely something about this pattern, available for both women and men, that’s charmingly storybook-like.

I Don't Give a Flock Socks

Our sock fairy Josette called these as soon as they came in this year. She wanted a pair for herself, plus she knew they’d be a hit! Socks with funny sayings on them are huge right now, and when you pair that with a fantastic flamingo pattern and a bright background, that’s an easy choice for a favorite!

We Come in Peace Socks

Aliens are another theme people tend to like, but we think this style is exceptionally successful. Sock fairy Jessica says it’s all about the lime green faces looking really striking against the black background. The simple combo and large scale of the pattern makes these babies really out of this world!

Squid and Whale Socks

Multiple sock fairies have claimed this monstrous marine design as their favorite down at Sock Drawer HQ. The pattern on these animal socks is just crazy good, packed with fine detail and vibrant color. In addition to this women’s crew version, these also come in a women’s knee high with the creatures swapped and a men’s crew style. So much to love!

Mmm ... Donuts Socks

Who doesn’t love food socks? This colorful style has actually been around for years, but it remains on our favorite list for 2018 because it’s just so irresistibly delectable! Our web developer Kurt calls these socks his fave because they remind him of visits to the doughnut shop with his daughter. How sweet is that (literally)?

Butterflies Socks

Another standout this year was this lovely, simple butterfly design, which has the pretty factor completely nailed. Sock fairy Jennifer says they’ve become a go-to choice when she wants a pop of color, thanks to that sweet coral background, but still wants to keep it pretty and feminine.

A Pirate's Life Socks (3-Pack)

We’re throwing a kids’ pair on the favorites list this year — or rather, three kids’ pairs! For the first time in 2018, we started carrying these fantastic three-pack sets for little ones in a huge variety of themes. Many of us sock fairies picked ’em up for our own kids right away, and we all kinda wish they would fit us, too!

Star Curated Wool Socks

We’ve got to include a Smartwool style on our list, because so many of us sock fairies swear by this brand and its fantastic quality. This bold, graphic pair is from Smartwool’s new Curated line of socks that have printed patterns, rather than woven. They’ve got the same great features of classic wool designs, but a super modern, cool look. Yes, please!

Delicate F*cking Flower Socks

Last but most definitely not least is this beautiful-but-snarky-as-heck design from Blue Q. These have been out for a little over a year, but 2018 has been good to these delicate flowers! They’ve consistently been on our best-sellers list, and they’re beloved by pretty much all of us sock fairies. Yeah, you could say we’ve got a little attitude, but at least we surround it with pretty!

So there you have it, our favorites of 2018 … so far! We are still waiting for fall arrivals from a handful of brands, so the rankings could shift as the months pass. Be sure to check back in and see what we love a little later on!

August 14, 2018

What’s Your Sign: New Zodiac Socks Are Here!

Do you have a friend or loved one who’s really into astrology? We’ve got a new line of zodiac sign socks that make a great gift idea that will have them seeing stars!

Made by Socksmith, one of our most popular brands, these cool novelty socks are perfect for women who like to check their horoscope daily. There’s a style for each sign:

A close-up view of Virgo zodiac sign socks with the Virgo constellation
In a close-up view of the Virgo socks, you can see the shining thread detail in the stars.

Each pair of black crew socks shows off the sign’s constellation, with a touch of shining silver and gold thread stitched into the stars. Each also has a unique, bright color that appears on the heel, toe and cuff, as well as in the name stitching on the leg, which is in a pretty script. Finally, each pair has the sign’s symbol on the top of the toes.

We wanted to add these cool socks to our selection because we thought they would make a great go-to gift that a lot of women would appreciate. Pick up a pair for a birthday present or other fun occasion, and remember to check that you’ve got the right sign!

August 7, 2018

Send the Kids Back to School in Style

You’ve got everything on the supplies list, your kids have picked out new backpacks, and you’ve gone clothes hunting, but have you done the most important back to school shopping of all: fun socks?

Make your children the envy of all their classmates with our fantastic selection of crazy kids’ socks! They’ll feel like they’re too cool for school in our latest styles, but we all know they’re actually just cool enough.


These three-pack sets make it easy for all you busy parents out there to shop smart! Each set includes three pairs of socks in a matching theme, such as art, pirates, sports, dinosaurs and more. They come in three different size options, and they’re a great deal. Piece of cake!

Crew Socks

We also have lots of individual pairs of kids’ socks in awesome patterns your child will love. Does your kid have a favorite food or animal that would look great on socks? Here’s where you’ll find ’em.

Knee Highs

Last but not least, we’ve also got some knee high socks for the boldest kids out there! These fun tall socks come in two different sizes and make a real statement with shorts or a dress, making them a great choice for kids who love to play with their style.

These styles for little feet are fab, but we know kids aren’t the only ones heading back to school around this time! Be sure to check out our special back to school section for older kids in middle and high school and college students. Get your school year started on the right foot!