Author: Jennifer Wright

November 20, 2018

Up Your Sock Game with These Fun Holiday Ideas

The holidays are officially underway, and we’ve been busy getting all those fabulous gifts ready for everyone on your Christmas and Hanukkah shopping lists. You all know by now that novelty socks make great presents, but this year, we suggest you take your sock game to the next level!

We’ve come up with some creative ideas that just might tickle your toes. Check these out.

Secret Santa, But Better

If you’re doing a gift exchange with a group of friends, family or co-workers this season, here’s a fun new twist: a sock exchange! This idea has gone viral this year, with lots of variations. Some groups have everyone bring in a pair and put them all in a bag for everyone to draw from. Others do it “white elephant” style, where you take turns trading and stealing the pairs you like best. The sillier the socks, the better the results! We’ve rounded up a few of our funniest Christmas pairs here. This is a great way to simplify the gift exchange process and still keep things really fresh and fun.

Sock Up the Stockings

Looking for creative stocking stuffers for kids and other loved ones? Cut back on the candy canes and office supplies and consider socks instead. They’re small, they’re affordable, and there’s a perfect pattern for every personality. That makes them a great choice for a stocking stuffer in our book!

Deck the Halls

Mix up your standard holiday decorations this year by adding some socks to your home in unexpected places! Here are some fun ways to use our many cool Christmas styles:

Chair Socks

Put socks on the bottom of chair legs. This adds such a fun touch to a dining set! It’s practical, too, if you have wood floors. We suggest you pick out a kids’ sock style so they fit best on the chair legs, and some creative pinning will help keep them in place.

Elf Legs

Make some “elf legs” sticking out of a tree. Families with a great sense of humor will love this one. Stuff some festive knee highs like these candy cane striped ones with some bendy wire and stuffing and affix them in your Christmas tree, as though there’s an elf digging around in there somewhere.

Sock Ornaments

Make your own Christmas tree ornaments. Socks are already a festive Christmas motif thanks to stockings, and they can look completely adorable on a tree, too! Try this DIY technique with the kids! We think these Christmas campers would be cute, but you can choose any pattern that speaks to you.

Trick Out the Treat Bags

Here’s a great gift idea if you need to get something for a group of people, for instance several co-workers, multiple party guests or all of your kids’ teachers. Make or purchase a festive treat like holiday candies or party mix, and instead of using just a plastic bag, use a sock as the treat bag! Stuff the other sock down in the toe so the recipient gets to enjoy the pair in addition to the festive foodstuff.

Do you have any other creative uses for socks or DIY ideas for the holidays? Post them on our Facebook page!

November 13, 2018

Gift Guide: What to Get All Your Co-Workers

The holidays are looming, and we know you’re busy planning get-togethers and buying gifts for all your loved ones. We thought we’d make one part of holiday planning easy on you: Christmas and Hanukkah presents for your co-workers.

Hooking co-workers up with a little something at the holidays is a great way to look good at work, but we understand it can get stressful and pricey if you have lots of people on your list. That’s why novelty socks are such a great gift idea for work. They’re affordable, they’re practical, and they’re easy to tailor to every personality.

Here, we’ve chosen some pairs that make sense for lots of workplaces. They’re the perfect thing if you’re shopping for a whole team of people or just need a quick gift for the office Secret Santa exchange! Check ’em out.

Coffee & Doughnuts

There are a couple of things in this world that are nearly guaranteed to please every co-worker: coffee and doughnuts. Hook up your cohorts with a treat bag filled with doughnut holes, a gift card to their favorite cafe and some of these fun sock styles!

Industry-Specific Patterns

What kind of work are you in? We have lots of industry-specific patterns that make a fun choice for people in those occupations. Our collection of medical socks is particularly strong for all you healthcare workers out there, and you can also use our search function on our website to find lots of other styles specific to your job!

Snarky & Sassy

If you work in the kind of place where you can get away with patterns that are a little silly or even scandalous, these are the perfect choices. There’s no better moment than flashing your work buddy some hilarious socks during another boring meeting!

Something Tasteful

Work in a more formal environment? No problem! We have lots of classy, tasteful dress socks with patterns that add some fun flair to your wardrobe but are totally work-appropriate. These make a really thoughtful gift for folks working in finance, public service and lots of other professional roles.

Other solid options you could always try are luxury socks made from high-end materials such as Merino wool, as well as novelty holiday socks. Both kinds make great go-to gifts for anyone, such as a co-worker who you may not know very well.

Be sure to check out all of our gift guides as Christmas and Hanukkah near, and also remember to sign up for our email newsletter. Big sales are coming soon, and you don’t want to miss out!

November 6, 2018

Gift Guide: The Perfect Pairs for Hanukkah

Hanukkah starts Dec. 2, and we want to make sure you’ve got all your shopping done … and that your own feet look fabulous! We have some great styles showing off traditional Jewish motifs, plus lots of other Hanukkah gift ideas for everyone on your shopping list.

Novelty socks make a fantastic present for a few reasons:

  • They’re practical, because everyone needs socks.
  • They’re thoughtful, because we have patterns to suit every personality.
  • They’re affordable, so you could even grab a pair for every night of Hanukkah!

Make your Festival of Lights as festive as possible with these fun ideas:

Hanukkah Patterns

Women's Dreidels Socks
Men's Dreidels Socks

Women's Dreidels Socks Men's Dreidels Socks

Firstly, make sure you nab one of our fun Hanukkah-themed pairs of socks for yourself and others on your list. These cute dreidels for women and men are going fast, and some of our other Hanukkah styles have already sold out! A few remain, but not for long — buy soon!

Gifts for Women

For all the women on your Hanukkah shopping list, here are just a few of our most popular styles that have been selling like hotcakes this season. (Yes, pun intended — did you see those cute pancake socks?!) Start by checking out our collection of Women’s Best Sellers. Then, take a look at some of these popular collections to find just the right pair to suit her style:

Gifts for Men

We have no shortage of awesome gift choices for guys with bold, fun style. These are just a few of our most popular designs, and we recommend you check out our whole collection of Men’s Best Sellers. Then, dive deeper into these fun collections tailored to each personality:

Gifts for Kids

Shopping for kids this Hanukkah? Obviously, don’t forget the chocolate gelt, and we’d also recommend some of our kids’ three-packs. These sets come in different sizes and in fun themes such as animals, favorite foods and other cool patterns, and they’re a great price for a set of three pairs. Also, check out our entire kids’ socks selection to find the perfect patterns for those little feet.

As Hanukkah looms, be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide and to sign up for our email newsletter to find out about sales. And get shopping soon to make sure your socks arrive in plenty of time for Hanukkah!

October 30, 2018

Gift Guide: Matching Sets for the Whole Family

Make this holiday season extra special with a fun new tradition: Put the whole family in matching socks! We have lots of fun novelty socks in sizes for women, men and kids, whether you’re looking for a Christmas pattern to slip into stockings or something fun you can wear together year-round.

Matching family sets make for some picture-perfect moments that your loved ones can treasure for years to come. In fact, you could pick your socks up early for the family Christmas card photo!

Check out some of our matching sets.

Holiday Patterns

These patterns are perfect for Christmas morning, particularly for all of you out there who love to take pictures together in matching pajamas while you’re opening presents. Give these to the whole fam on Christmas Eve so they’ll be ready when Santa comes!

Tacky Holiday Sweater

Take the tacky sweater trend down to your toes with this fun family of Christmas socks.

Santa Claws








These are purr-fect for cat-loving families! Just call them Santa Claws!

Santa Gnome

Santa goes cute and cartoony in these gnome socks with a cheerful light blue background.

Other Fun Patterns

Want a set of socks your family can rock year-round? Try these fun food, pop culture and animal socks for women, men and kids instead.

Significant Otter

Otters hold paws with their mates when they sleep so they don’t drift apart, and the little ones just sleep on the mom’s belly. If that’s not a great symbol for family, what is? These socks are perfect for all your “significant otters.”

Great Wave

How about something a little artsy? These Great Wave socks come in a women’s and men’s style, while the kids’ version comes in a three-pack with other artwork socks. Perfect for unique, creative families!


You’ll be feeling tropical in these fun flamingos! These socks are ideal for folks living in warmer climates or who are just dreaming of summer vacation. Again, the kids’ version comes in a three-pack with different colors your little ones can choose from.


Calling all dog lovers! Raise your paws if you want your family’s feet to represent the furry members of your brood. These pug socks are just plain adorable.


Foodie families can cut off a slice of great style in these fun avocado socks! Perfect for your next night all cooking dinner together and sliding around the kitchen in sock feet.

These are just a handful of our patterns that are available for the whole family. We’ve also got:

Find the perfect set to suit your unique family, no matter whom that includes. The holidays are all about sharing our time and our love with those around us, whether that means moms, dads, siblings, kids, friends or anyone else.

And while you’re shopping, be sure to check out our other holiday gift guides and to sign up for our email newsletter. It’s the best way to stay in the know about upcoming sales!

October 23, 2018

Make Your Toes Twinkle in Festive Christmas Socks

The most wonderful time of year is nearly here, and we want your feet to be ready! ’Tis the season of Christmas socks!

We have dozens of merry and bright styles for your whole family to keep things twinkling from December 1 to 25! And aside from picking up socks for you and your close loved ones, we also recommend grabbing some fun Christmas styles to have on hand for last-minute gifts. They’re the perfect thing when the neighbor drops by with cookies or when you forget you need a present for your child’s teachers. Boom — socks to the rescue!

Here, we’ve picked out just a handful of our favorite jolly styles, but there’s so much more to see! Check out our collections for women, men and kids. There’s something fun for everyone to unwrap …

Christmas Classics

Reindeer, cocoa, cardinals, Christmas lights — you can’t beat the classics! These novelty Christmas socks are a cheerful way to celebrate all through the holiday season, with traditional patterns and jolly motifs appropriate for any setting.

Jolly Knee Highs

What better time than winter to sport warm and cozy knee high socks? We have great Christmas patterns on long socks that work well with dresses, boots and other cold-weather wear!

An Animal Celebration

From dogs and cats to sloths, dinosaurs, llamas and even Bigfoot, the animals are getting in on the festivities this Christmas! These styles make a great gift idea for animal lovers.

For the Kids

Can’t forget the little feet! We’ve got a nice selection of kids’ Christmas socks in cheerful patterns for toddlers on up.

Festive & Funny

Want to bring something extra quirky to your celebration this year? We have so many hilarious Christmas patterns in stock featuring funny puns, a few cocktails and — of course — a goat eating the decorations. You’re pretty much guaranteed to unwrap something that tickles your funny bone!

As the Christmas season approaches, we encourage you to check out our gift guides and to sign up for our email newsletter. You’ll earn yourself a 10% off coupon by signing up, and you’ll find out whenever we have sales going on. We have some great ones planned, so don’t miss out!

October 16, 2018

Thanksgiving Socks for a Festive Turkey Day

Move over, turkey! These fun Thanksgiving socks are the new star of the holiday! … OK, never mind. Nothing beats the turkey. But these socks are definitely something to be thankful for!

We’ve got funny, festive holiday patterns for both women and men this year. We think these are great for wearing to your celebration or to pass out to your friends and family members as a memento of the time spent together.

Thanksgiving is on its way Nov. 22! Check out these patterns.

Funny Phrases

We’ve got some especially hilarious styles this year that feature funny sayings. For women, there are two: “Gobble till you wobble” and “Leftovers are for quitters.” Both pairs have non-skid grips on the bottom, which makes them a great stand-in for slippers. We suggest you wear them around the house when you’re hurrying to peel potatoes, baste the turkey, refill the appetizer trays, and on and on and on … Oh, and we have the “Leftovers” style for men, too! They don’t have the grips on the bottom, and the writing is on the other side, but we promise they’re just as great.

Dancing Turkeys

Somebody just got served! These funny socks, available for both men and women, feature breakdancing turkeys. They’ve already been cooked and pulled from the oven, but instead of lying still on a platter, they’re servin’ up some fresh moves!

Classy Classics

Want something a little less silly but still super stylish? Check out these classic fall motifs of pumpkins, harvest corn, turkeys and cornucopias. These work all throughout the autumn season but fit in particularly well on Thanksgiving day!

Turkey Revolution

Uh-oh! They’re fighting back! On these hilarious socks, available for both men and women, the turkeys have picked up torches, axes and pitchforks, and it looks like they’re not the ones getting plucked!

All of these styles are a great way to add an extra touch of fun to one of the most festive days of the year. Speaking of which, don’t miss out on our Hanukkah and Christmas socks! And if you like to spend part of Thanksgiving flipping through the shopping ads, you should also be sure you’re signed up for our email newsletter. You’d better believe we’ll have some great sales around Black Friday, and you don’t want to miss out!

October 9, 2018

Fuel Your Nostalgia with These Gift-Worthy Styles

As the holidays approach, we’re all trying to come up with unique gift ideas for friends and loved ones. Fear not — we’re here to help! For truly fun and quirky gifts, we recommend you check out our new Nostalgia Fuel collection.

We’ve hand-picked some of our coolest and craziest novelty socks for this group. The goal: to kick it back to the old school! All the patterns in this collection are designed to remind you of your younger, sillier days. You know, the days of teased side ponytails and JNCO jeans, of making a mixtape for your crush, of watching Saturday morning cartoons … the good old days!

These are basically fun socks for men and women who are just big kids at heart. Take a look, and start soaking up that dreamy nostalgia feeling!

Pop Culture

Is there anything more retro than old TV shows? We’ve got cool socks featuring Scooby-Doo, Gumby, the Care Bears and Bob Ross. Of course, some of those are experiencing a resurgence thanks to new iterations and Netflix, but you can’t beat the originals!

Old Technology

All you ’80s and ’90s kids will get a kick out these! Records, mixtapes, cameras with film, funny 3D glasses — we’ve got it all. This technology may be obsolete, but it will always work in our hearts!

Toys & Games

What better to remind you of your younger days than toys and games? Are kids still playing with army men and paper dolls? We sure hope so! There are lots of fun old video game styles in this collection, too!

Fun Fads

Remember when people used to say things were “all that and a bag of chips”? Can we bring that back? Also, punk rock styling, neon workout wear and rainbows on EVERYTHING. Every generation has its fads, and we think they’re all fabulous!

OK, do you feel sufficiently wistful about your childhood now? Good! Spread that joy by picking out some of these funny socks for Christmas or Hanukkah gifts for others in your life who might get a kick out of these silly styles.

Speaking of holiday shopping, now is a great time to make sure you’re signed up for our email newsletter. We have some major sales coming up soon, and this is the perfect way to stay in the know! Also, check out all of our gift guides to find the perfect presents for everyone on your list.

October 2, 2018

Hide a Silly Secret with New No-Show Socks

We make it pretty clear around these parts that we LOVE some silly novelty socks, but we totally understand that you don’t always want to show off your wackiness. That said, we know how you can still get your silly on but keep it inconspicuous. Meet our funny new no-show socks, complete with hilarious, punny phrases on the soles!

Women putting on cute ankle socks featuring koalas and llamas
These “Overkoalified” and “Llama Drama” socks tuck cutely away into Converse shoes!

These cuties are technically what we in the sock biz call a micro-crew or liner sock, but you may have also heard of them as ankle socks, footies, peds, shorties or any other number of terms. Whatever you call them, they’re designed to stay hidden away inside your shoes while still protecting your skin. This makes them a popular choice for everything from casual wear to exercising, and we’ve heard from our happy customers that these new styles are particularly good at staying in place all day.

Even more importantly, these women’s socks are just plain adorable! Whether you’re looking for funny food phrases, cute animals or fun wedding themes, these deliver. They all have a picture on the top of the foot, plus a corresponding image and fun phrase on the soles. They’re basically made for Instagram!

They’re just the kind of thing that can brighten a long day when you finally kick off your shoes to relax. What’s better to put a spring in your step than walking around with a special, silly secret hidden away in your kicks? 

Short, Sweet & Punny!

BONUS: 3 New Exercise Styles

We also just got in three additional styles that are slightly taller, all in fun exercise-related patterns. They have a small cuff at the top that’s ribbed, designed to protect your ankles in workout shoes.

All in all, we are loving these fun new shorties, and so are our customers! They make a great holiday gift idea for women you know who like to wear ankle socks. And don’t forget to pick up a few to hide away in your own shoes!

September 25, 2018

The Perfect Socks for Your Halloween Costume

Have you figured out what you’re wearing for Halloween yet? Costume ideas can be a challenge, but you can rest assured that we’ve got one part covered: your feet!

When it comes to a costume, we believe it’s the little details that can take your look from good to first-place-at-the-Halloween-party great! And fun socks are just the little details we mean, of course. We’re using our huge selection of patterns to come up with some great costume ideas this year, so start taking notes! Plus, once Halloween is over, you’ll be left with some cool footwear you can rock year-round.

Check out these fun Halloween costume ideas:

Women’s Costumes

Rainbow Brite

These rainbow striped knee highs are available for both women and kids, and they’re the perfect finishing touch for a Rainbow Brite costume! The beloved cartoon character actually had rainbow striped boots, but we think these would work great, particularly with colorful sneakers.


You’ll need lots of khaki to pull off the perfect zookeeper look, preferably with some cargo pockets and a safari hat. Get a stuffed animal of your choice, and then pick out an awesome pair of animal socks like these cool tigers! We’ve got a whole zoo to choose from!

Teacher or Librarian

Here’s a really easy Halloween costume idea for women that you can put together using stuff you already have. Grab a skirt and cardigan sweater from your closet, and put your hair up in a bun with a pencil sticking through it. The details make the look here. Add some pencil knee highs like these or a style from our literature collection and some glasses, and you’re done!

’50s Sockhop Girl

Bust out your poodle skirt! These socks and other mid-ankle length socks would work perfectly with some saddle shoes and a big, poofy skirt for fun ’50s look. You know we love a sockhop!

Kids’ Costumes

Do you have little ones who know what they want to wear this year? Our fun kids’ socks can complement lots of different looks, from sports star to pirate to bumblebee to fairy princess. Plus, you’ll help keep them warm when they’re out trick-or-treating! Check out all of our novelty kids’ socks!

Men’s Costumes

Risky Business Guy

You know, Tom Cruise’s character, Joel! This is a really easy Halloween costume idea for men. All you need is a button-down shirt and a pair of literally any socks. We picked these from our selection of white socks to match Joel’s, but we think any pair you like would work. Oh, and don’t forget the candlestick to lip-sync into!


Famous politicians are always a Halloween staple. Whether you’re embodying a favorite candidate or doing a little holiday satire, these American flag socks will fit right in with your suit and lapel pin. Plus, they come in handy (or footy?) when the Fourth of July rolls around!


We’re embracing the socks-and-sandals thing with this costume idea! Put on some fun socks of your choice with a pair of comfy walking sandals and shorts, find a souvenir T-shirt that has a city name on it, and don’t forget your camera with a strap. Be sure to step in everyone’s way all night, too, and maybe bring a big map and fanny pack!

Those are just a few ideas to help you put the perfect finishing touches on your Halloween look. Be sure to check out our knee highs, animal socks and full men’s and women’s collections, among others, to get yourself some inspiration. And don’t miss our scary cool selection of Halloween patterns!

September 18, 2018

Get Inspired by New Art Socks

These artful new arrivals will have your creative juices flowing in no time! Meet the newest additions to The Sock Drawer gallery: fun art socks featuring the work of Frida Kahlo, Vincent van Gogh and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

These gorgeous socks make a great gift idea for art lovers and other creative types who like their style to stand out. Take a closer look …

Frida Kahlo

These four new Kahlo styles are made by one of our favorite brands, Socksmith, who printed the patterns rather than weaving them. The result is super-saturated color and really rich levels of detail, which is just right for Kahlo! We’ve got a pair of women’s portrait styles (one with sunglasses!) and a pair that feature quotations and Kahlo motifs. So. Dreamy.

Vincent van Gogh

Our newest van Gogh socks are also made by Socksmith using their new printing technology, and they truly capture a fantastic level of color and beauty. These four women’s styles include a self-portrait and three of the painter’s most famous florals.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Basquiat Anatomy Socks
Head Case Socks

Basquiat Anatomy Socks Head Case Socks

Finally, we have two new men’s styles from the brand Stance featuring work inspired by Basquiat. These dark and moody socks reflect some of the intensely evocative motifs common in his work, such as graffiti, faces and an overwhelming sense of urban angst. We think these would look fantastic with cool sneakers.

Longtime Faves

Of course, remember to check out our entire collection of art socks for women and men, filled with some of the most beloved works in history. We’ve also got great Bob Ross socks for fans, budding artists and nostalgia lovers alike!