Author: Jennifer Wright

April 22, 2019

Celebrating Our Earth in Nature Socks

Happy Earth Day! We sock fairies love the outdoors, and we especially love rocking the beautiful patterns of nature on our feet wherever we go. If you consider yourself a conservationist or an appreciator of Mother Nature’s creation, check out these fun pairs!

Nature Patterns

These are some of our absolute favorite women’s and men’s styles featuring the great outdoors. Of course, we also recommend you check out our animal socks, too!

A Funny Twist

These styles are also all about nature, but they’re for those of you out there with a slightly more offbeat sense of humor!

Buzzing Bees

We can’t mention Earth Day without mentioning Mother Nature’s little worker bee! We have so many awesome bee socks for women that we thought you might like.


If you’re the outdoorsy type, then you should know about our collection of socks from Smartwool, one of our favorite brands. These high-end wool socks are ideal for outdoor activities because they wick away moisture and are super durable. Most of our Smartwool styles are a thinner blend, which makes them great for summertime and casual wear, too. Plus, Smartwool is super committed to sustainability, making them a great choice on Earth Day!

Conservation Efforts

A pair of novelty socks lying on a recyclable mailing envelope
Here’s one of our eco-friendly mailing envelopes made of recycled materials.

Of course, Earth Day isn’t just about wearing amazing sock styles! It’s also about protecting this place we all love so much. Down at The Sock Drawer headquarters, we’ve been making some recent efforts to be more green.

This past fall, we switched over to eco-friendly shipping envelopes. They’re made of recycled materials, they are recyclable themselves, and they also have a second adhesive strip inside so all you customers out there could reuse them just as they are. We ship out thousands of packages a year, so we are really proud of this change.

We’ve also made several other small changes at our bustling warehouse. We switched from single-use coffee pods back to a good ol’ coffee pot, we added a larger recycling can to our kitchen area and little cans around the warehouse, and we’ve been sprucing up an outdoor space with native plants.

We believe small efforts can add up to big results, and we encourage you to consider your own impact on our environment and what daily changes you could make! Check out this helpful guide from the Earth Day Network for ideas on how you can take action.

April 19, 2019

How to Make a DIY Sock Flower Bouquet

Need a Mother’s Day gift idea? We’ve got the perfect thing! It’s thoughtful, adorable, affordable, and we guarantee these flowers will last longer than the real thing!

Here, learn step by step how to make a bouquet of sock flowers. This simple craft project takes just a few minutes and is easy enough for kids, particularly if they get a little help from Dad or another grown-up!

Before you get started, use our Mother’s Day Gift Guide to pick out some pairs Mom will love. We’ve got styles for every personality, whether you’re shopping for your own mom or a significant other, a friend or another loved one who’s a mom. You’ll need at least three pairs of socks for this project, or you can choose any number depending how big you want your bouquet to be. We love the idea of six pairs to make a dozen sock “roses!”

SuppliesSupplies laid out for making sock "flowers"

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3-6 pairs of socks (or more for a giant bouquet!)
  • Rubber bands
  • Sticks for the flower stems, such as plant stakes or dowel rods
  • A pretty vase
  • Optional: fresh flowers to mix in

That’s it! Watch the video below to get started making your sock flowers. There’s also a step-by-step breakdown with extra tips!

Watch the Video

Step-by-Step Breakdown

Step 1 of making a sock flower

Step 1: Grab your stick, which will serve as a flower stem. We used green plant stakes, which we got in a 25-pack at our local craft store for just over $3. You could also use a dowel rod, a strong piece of wire (like a hanger) or even a pencil! We tried that and it worked just write … er, right. Roll your sock around the end of the stick.

Step 2 of making a sock flower

Step 2: When you get to the last couple of inches, fold the sock corner downward as shown. This creates an effect like overlapping flower petals. Remember you don’t need to roll your sock in a perfectly even roll. A little unevenness actually makes it look much more like real flower petals! (Phew!)

Step 3 of making a sock flower

Step 3: It’s time to secure your sock flower. Grab a rubber band and twist it around the sock until it’s secure, maybe two or three times. Then fold the bottom edge up and over the rubber band to hide it.

Step 4 of making a sock flower

Step 4: Check your flower to be sure you’re happy with it. You can kind of pull on the “petals” at this point to tweak their position. Last, add it to your vase!

A finished bouquet of sock flowers in a vaseA finished bouquet of sock flowers in a vase with other real flowers

Finishing up: Adjust your sock flowers in your vase however you’d like, just like arranging real flowers. Depending on the size of the vase and how long your “stems” are, you may need to stuff some paper towels in the bottom to lift the flowers higher, like we did (don’t tell, OK?). If you’re really going all out, add in a few extra real flowers! If you don’t have a vase, you can also simply bundle your flowers together and tie them with a ribbon or wrap them in a few pieces of tissue paper, like you just picked them up from the sock florist!

The result is a fun, beautiful gift that we think takes the traditional flower bouquet to a whole new level! Plus, Mom will get to enjoy her fun socks for years to come and treasure them as a memento of your special, creative gift.

Of course, this cool and crafty idea isn’t just for Mother’s Day! We think it’s an awesome gift idea for birthdays, graduations, holidays and lots of other occasions, particularly for all you sock lovers out there!

April 11, 2019

Why We Love Woven Pear Socks So Much

Constellation novelty socks that say the words "Shine bright" on the solesIt’s our extreme pleasure to introduce some beautiful new styles from one of our favorite brands of all time, Woven Pear. If you’re looking for cute, joyful and fun novelty socks that are also of top quality, these are the “pears” for you! Seriously, all of us sock fairies rock these styles on the regular, and we think you’re going to love them, too.

We checked in with our staff here to find out what it is about these socks in particular that makes them so special. Read on to see what the sock fairies say!

I love the patterns, the bright colors, and the cute designs on the bottom!

— Sock Fairy Lindsay

The Designs

Women wearing fun novelty socks featuring chopsticks and strawberries

They’re just so dang pretty.

— Sock Fairy Ashley

Well said, Ash. Woven Pear’s socks feature patterns of cute foods, animals, florals and lots of other motifs, from constellations and campfires to nurses and garden gnomes. Although the subject matter can vary a lot, there’s still something really distinctive about the brand’s designs. They’re all very bright and bold, with colors that really pop.

I fell in love with the color palette of Woven Pear. It lends so much positive punch to their designs.

— Sock Fairy Lisa

The brand was founded in 2015 and creates all of its designs in-house. Its modern, trendy look helped the company blow up on social media pretty quickly, and since then, Woven Pear styles have become exclusive must-haves in the novelty sock world.

They’re the kind of novelty socks that also look chic and cool. You can rock these with your most stylish outfits, and they won’t look out of place. Or as one of our sock fairies said, you can style your whole outfit around these cuties!

From someone who never wore socks or planned outfits around their socks, Woven Pear has done this for me! Woven Pear has hands down turned this California sandal girl into a sock LOVER!

— Sock Fairy Brianna

The Quality

A woman wearing fun novelty socks with a woven sweater-like pattern

I like the high quality, as they fit really well. They don’t feel cheap. I also like the little pear emblem.

— Sock Fairy Heather

In addition to the adorable appearance of Woven Pear socks, there’s no denying how high their quality level is. These are some of our softest, comfiest styles, made of a 58% woven cotton blend that’s designed to be really stretchy and not slip down. They’re also “dyed and dipped by hand to ensure a unique pop of color,” the brand says.

We like how they have a seamless toe that doesn’t rub at all, and each sock also features the brand’s little embroidered pear logo. They truly feel as great as they look.

I love pairing them with shoes. They’re super comfy, so you can wear them with heeled boots, snug Oxfords, anything.

— Sock Fairy Jennifer

The Giftability

Cute novelty socks with fun words on the bottom

What do you mean “giftability” isn’t a word? Sure it is! Because these socks are super giftable! It feels great to give a gift of such high quality, and these also make a great present because of one special thing hidden on the soles! Let’s have sock fairy Cindy explain …

I just spent a girls’ weekend with old college friends, and I brought them each a special Woven Pear. Slow Down Sloth for “say yes to everyone and everything” Mary. Just Bloom for Kate, who’s going through a separation. Happy Camper for “no regrets” Lisa. They LOVED them!

— Sock Fairy Cindy

Each Woven Pear style features a complementary phrase or pattern on the bottom of the feet, and they are just so great and easy to personalize to your gift recipient. They feel like a special inside joke or secret just for you when you wear them. Many of the phrases are really uplifting, too, like “Shine bright” and “Stand tall.” What a thoughtful, beautiful touch to pass on to a friend or loved one.

Trust Us … You’ve Gotta Try These

If you’re a sock lover and you’ve never owned a “Pear” before, we really think you should try these out. Take a look at these wise words from sock fairy Katie, who is also new to the brand:

I’m sure I will love Woven Pear because Brooke [our sock fairy queen!] chooses to have this brand in her collection. I value Brooke’s choices when it comes to socks. I have confidence that they will be wonderful.  

— Sock Fairy Katie

It’s true. Brooke has been in the sock biz for a while, and she has taught her devoted sock fairies well! If there’s anyone you can trust for advice on great socks, it’s us. And we personally love to wear Woven Pear socks ALL THE TIME.

So what are you waiting for? Shop all the patterns here!

March 14, 2019

Tidy Up Your Sock Drawer to Spark Joy

Does your sock drawer spark joy? That’s the question everybody’s asking themselves these days, thanks to Marie Kondo. Her Netflix show, Tidying Up, has us all getting rid of our old, unloved stuff and focusing more on the things we own that bring us joy.

We are all about that philosophy here at The Sock Drawer (capitalized)! We choose fun novelty socks over boring basics every day because they put a little spring in our step, and they make great gifts when you want to add a touch of joy to someone else’s day.

It’s true, though, that our sock obsession has led to many a messy sock drawer, which Ms. Kondo probably wouldn’t be too wild about! So, in the spirit of spring cleaning and organization, let’s check out her tips on how to organize socks.

No more rolling your socks into one another in an inside-out ball shape! We’re evolving to a neater-looking fold with the Konmari method:

  • First, lay one sock flat on top of its mate.
  • Next, start at the toes, and fold upward like you’re folding a letter. You can fold into thirds or fourths as needed depending on how long your socks are, but the goal is a nice, flat, square shape.
  • Lastly, stand those squares of sock pairs up on end in your sock drawer, in a cute box or basket on your shelf, or wherever you want to store them. Kondo uses a small box in this video. The goal is neat rows where you can see a swatch of each pattern and easily remove a pair without messing up the others.

We love this method because it ends up making these crazy cool socks so much easier to see. It’s so refreshing to pull open a drawer to a neat set of great-looking designs, starting your day on the right foot when you get dressed in the morning!

Bonus Tips for Single Socks!

Since we’re talking about spring cleaning, let’s come up with some options for all those single socks who’ve lost their mates. First of all, RIP. You will be missed, lost socks.

Now, check out a few of our favorite ideas we’ve found around the internet:

  • Decor: Make a fun sign for your laundry room, some cute Christmas ornaments or a cheerful wine bottle wrap.
  • Around the house: Socks make great rags for cleaning, or you can slip them on the bottom of bottles that tend to get sticky, like cleaning products under the sink. You can also make your own dryer balls by putting a tennis ball inside a sock, or you can make homemade cat or dog toys. And of course, you can make sock puppets for the kids!
  • Fashion: Socks can easily be made into arm or leg warmers by snipping the toes off. People with long hair can use socks to make the perfect bun. And here’s a really crazy idea … try mismatching your socks! Just because a sock has lost its partner doesn’t mean it isn’t still beautiful!

Do you have any other fun spring cleaning ideas for socks? We’d love to hear them! Share them with us on our Facebook page!

February 26, 2019

Get on Trend with Spring’s Hottest Colors

Now that 2019 has begun, are you living for “Living Coral”? That’s the color of the year, according to the tastemakers and color experts at Pantone, and we’re totally feeling it when it comes to sock fashions!

This time of year is great for refreshing your wardrobe and breathing a little life into it after a gray winter. You can pick up a handful of new novelty socks to liven up your look without breaking the bank, and we just so happen to have every color of the rainbow at your disposal!

Let’s take a look at Living Coral and some of the other cheerful hues Pantone has picked out for 2019. These are colors that have been all over the high-fashion runways, and now it’s time to take them to your sock drawer!

Living Coral

Somewhere between pink and orange is coral, the color of the year and an up-and-coming shade for our selection of novelty socks. We have about a dozen women’s socks in this hue, most of which are relatively new additions to our lineup. We think it’s pretty and feminine while also being really vibrant and fun!

Royal Blue

Some form of blue is always in fashion, and for this spring, it’s looking like a vibrant, royal blue is the way to go. We have oh-so-many blue socks for both women and men, and lots of them are long-time best sellers. It’s hard not to love this color that’s both calming and bold, soft and strong.

Golden Yellow

Like a ray of sunshine, golden yellow is bursting onto the scene! This saturated color is one of our absolute faves for novelty socks because it’s so bright. Whether you just show a touch of gold peeking out from under your jeans or you go all the way with a dress and yellow knee highs like these, this color just lights up a look. We’ve been getting more men’s styles in this shade lately, too!

Fuchsia Pink

Speaking of bold and vibrant, check out this fuchsia pink! Pantone calls it “tantalizingly theatrical,” and we couldn’t agree more. Fuchsia is a richly saturated pink that falls somewhere between red and purple on the color wheel, and we totally love it on women’s socks. Just look at it on that pair of socks with the lilies — even that relatively bold blue background looks like a neutral paired with this pink!

Bright Green

You can’t go wrong with green for springtime! We have a whole lot of green styles, and this bright shade feels so fresh and fun. Darker forest green hues are great for fall and winter, but let’s go lime this time of year!

Which color do you like best for springtime? We love all of these choices from Pantone, but truth be told, we love every color. Remember you can always use the little color swatch buttons on our website to filter just for certain colors, or you can always go RAINBOW!

February 21, 2019

Guys, Up Your Sock Game with Men’s New Arrivals

Gentlemen, the time has come to mix up your footwear. No more plain old socks in solid colors, OK? You can do better. And with our lineup of new men’s socks, it’s super easy to up your game!

We have so many great new styles in stock to suit every personality, with lots of patterns featuring animals, foods, funny phrases, hobbies and so much more. Even if you’re already a novelty sock enthusiast, you’ve gotta see our latest arrivals. It’s one of our best seasons ever!

Check out just a few of our new pairs here:


We have several great new dog styles you’ll want to get your paws on, plus lots of other wild stuff including parrots, moose, dinosaurs and even flying pigs.

Funny Phrases

Word socks are so popular right now! We’ve picked up lots of new funny phrase pairs to help you stay on trend and to keep you in stitches.

Food & Drink

Can’t go wrong with a pattern showing off your love for whiskey, popcorn, steak and more!

Hobbies, Jobs & Other Interests

What are you into? Music, science, sports, video games? This season’s new men’s socks feature such a varied array of patterns that there’s something for everyone.

Of course, although we’re talking about the fellas today, we’ve got amazing new styles in stock for women, too. And there’s more to come! Be sure to check back again soon to see what else we have in store for spring!

February 12, 2019

A Healthy Dose of Medical Socks

Calling all healthcare workers! We have some medical socks you just might be interested in! All of you folks out there in the medical community are among our absolute favorite sock shoppers. We know how much you love to rock fun novelty patterns on your socks — particularly when wearing plain scrubs.

Some of our medical-themed patterns have been top sellers for a long time, but we’ve also got some relatively new stuff in stock you should see! These make fantastic gift ideas for doctors, nurses, dentists, med students and others working in healthcare. Any occasion is a great time to show these deserving folks our appreciation with a sock gift, but remember these upcoming holidays are an extra special time:

  • March 3–9: Dental Assistants Recognition Week
  • March 6: National Dentist Day
  • March 30: National Doctor’s Day
  • May 6–12: Nurses Week
  • June 13–20: Nursing Assistants Week
  • Oct 6–12: Physician Assistants Week

Check out some of our fun patterns below:

Men’s Styles

Women's Styles

BONUS: Women’s Compression Socks

In addition to crew socks with fun patterns, we also have a selection of knee high compression socks for women. We’ve heard from lots of nurses and other healthcare workers who spend a lot of time on their feet saying they love these! They provide gentle pressure to alleviate soreness and swelling, and they make a great gift.

February 5, 2019

Word Up: Slip into Socks Featuring Funny Phrases

Novelty socks featuring animal patterns have always been a big hit among our shoppers, and so have food and holiday patterns. But lately we’ve been seeing a new category of fun and crazy socks surging in popularity: word socks.

In the past year or so, patterns featuring funny phrases have started to become consistent best-sellers for us. They seem to be the next big thing, so, in an effort to hook up all you punny sock lovers out there, we’ve picked up tons of lots of wordy new styles for this season!

Some of these contain great visual puns, some celebrate pets and other animals, and some are just plain silly. FAIR WARNING: Some of these also have sassy, sarcastic swear words on them, so turn back now if that’s not your thing!

Women’s Styles

Lots of animals and sassy sayings appear on our word socks for women, which make a great gift idea for your friend, significant other, mom, sis or co-worker who has a great sense of humor!

Men's Styles

SNL jokes, Bigfoot, Captain Obvious and so many other hilarious motifs make appearances on our word socks for men. You don’t want to miss these.

January 29, 2019

Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Don’t get caught in a pinch come March 17! We’ve got lots of fun St. Patrick’s Day novelty socks for women and men to help you celebrate in style. They feature all of your favorite festive Irish classics, including shamrocks, claddagh hearts, leprechauns and even some pints of beer! Plus, you’ll find some less-traditional takes on the holiday, too!

For those of you who’d prefer a pattern that stays fresh all year, we’ve got lots and lots of green! Check ’em out.

Festive Feet

Along with the clovers and claddaghs, we’ve got beer, a cheeky leprechaun and … well … a unicorn pooping gold into the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. Yep. You know you love it!

“Evergreen” Options

Not so into the whole holiday sock thing? No worries. Pick up some fun green socks instead! These babies are evergreen, in fact, because they’re stylish all year long. And on March 17, when people come looking for your green, just point at your feet! We have dozens upon dozens of patterns in green, so you’re bound to find a style that appeals to you and keeps you from getting pinched.

January 22, 2019

Valentine’s Day? Nah! Funny Socks for Singles Are Here

This time of year, it’s easy for all the sassy singles out there to get a little sick of all the lovey-dovey stuff everywhere! What’s up with all this Valentine’s Day junk, huh? Don’t you deserve representation, too?

Yes, you do. And we’ve got you covered.

This year, we’ve hand-picked a selection of our funniest, snarkiest socks that are perfect for proud singles to slip into on Feb. 14, whether you’re heading out with friends or spending the evening with your real loves: a pint of ice cream, a bottle of wine and Netflix.

These silly styles for both women and men include lots of sarcasm, plus a big dose of indulgent foods and drinks to get you through Valentine’s Day. FAIR WARNING: These babies also have plenty of curse words, so turn back now if that’s not your thing!

Women’s Styles

Sarcastic sayings star on a lot of the styles in our women’s collection. You’ll also find fun foods and plenty of potent potables. Pick up some of these for your Galentine’s Day!

Men’s Styles

Check out our men’s selection to find hilarious patterns of trusted pets, your favorite brews and plenty of snarky sarcasm to get you through the ickiest day of the year. Enough with the PDAs already, right?

OK, to be honest, we’ve got lots of socks for Valentine’s Day, too. And we have matching sets for couples, which make a great gift idea. But if you’re single, we want you to know we’re celebrating you, too! Have a laugh on us, and enjoy your independence come Feb. 14!