Author: Jennifer Wright

July 12, 2016

Men, Here’s How to Wear Socks with Shorts

Have you ever seen a guy rocking some cool socks with shorts and thought it looked good, but you just didn’t think you could pull that look off? Well you can! And it’s simpler than you think. The beauty of fun and colorful socks is that they are an easy way to let you wear your personality on your sleeve … or your feet.

It’s easy to wear bold socks in cooler weather with pants, when people may only catch a glimpse. But the weather has been anything but cool lately, and we dare you to rock these styles with shorts. Follow these simple tips for styling your fun socks to ensure you look and feel great.

Find What You Like

The first step is finding socks that speak to you. Maybe you’re into sports. Maybe you’re a gamer. Maybe you like art or music. Whatever your interest, there are socks that can help you put it on display.

If you’d rather not go with socks that have a distinct image of something on them, that’s OK, too. There are lots of bold graphic or abstract patterns in a huge variety of colors that might appeal to you.

Don’t worry too much about what you’ll wear your socks with at this point — just find some that jump out at you and make you smile.

Your Interests

Bold Patterns

Matching Your Clothes

Now that you have some socks that you think truly reflect your inner style, the next step is finding shorts and a shirt that match. This is really a lot simpler than you might assume — there’s no need to feel intimidated!

Most guys have shorts in neutral colors, and this is always a safe bet for pairing with bold socks. Grays, khakis, black and other neutral tones go with just about any sock, and blue shorts can work well with most also. For your top half, if you’re nervous about a look that’s too busy, stick with a shirt in a solid color that’s also somewhere in the socks. You can also choose a simple, small print, like a check or not-too-bold plaid, common in button-down shirts. Graphic T’s are also a great choice, particularly if you have some that match the color story of your new socks.

For the more daring among you out there, consider pairing your bold socks with equally bold other pieces. There’s nothing wrong with a little contrast! Lay a few options out on your bed, with the socks on top, to see how they all work together. If the combo appeals to you, then don’t hold back!

The Right Shoes

Shoes are an awfully personal decision, but we do have some recommendations about what kind of shoes look best with our cool socks. There is some debate over whether socks with sandals is ever a good idea, so whether you want to be in the middle of that is up to you.

For a safer bet, we recommend a cool sneaker. Neutral Chuck Taylors, such as those shown above, look great with just about any colors and show off as much sock as possible. There are tons of awesome sneakers at a variety of price points out there today, so find whatever you love.

For a very California look, you could go with skate shoes such as Vans in either a slip-on or lace-up style, which guys frequently wear with crew socks. Loafers offer a slightly preppier option, and lace-up dress shoes such as Oxfords also look slightly more formal and are very on trend right now.

As far as shoe colors go, you can’t go wrong with neutrals, but you can also have fun with bright sneakers that have a lot of style of their own. If they’re in the same color story as your socks, you should be good to go!

More Fun Options

The Gist: Just Have Fun With It

These tips can help you get started if you’re interested in bold socks but feeling a little nervous about it. But the best advice we can give you is to just relax and have fun! Socks are one place where guys can show off just a touch of personality and panache. Because they’re a small accessory in an overall wardrobe, you can go bold and bright and still look classy and cool.

July 7, 2016

Striped Tube Socks: The Skater Girl Essential

There’s nothing quite like the skater girl style. It takes a certain inherent wildness to cruise around all summer searching for empty swimming pools, perfect parking garages and inspiring staircases. And synonymous with that classic image of youthful freedom are striped tube socks.

In the late 1960s, striped sports socks entered the market and became the footwear of choice for kids, athletes, skaters and many others by the ’70s. They were so widespread and popular that they’re now an icon of ’70s fashion, and particularly of the skater style subculture.

Here at The Sock Drawer, we aim to pay homage to that history with our collection of Skatersocks. This awesome company makes tube socks with old school styling but modern comforts. All their cotton-blend socks are produced in the United States, and the styles we sell are designed with extra stretch to fit comfortably in a knee high length.

Classic White



Striped socks were on full display in a recent Vogue article and slideshow about skater girl style. While the article mentions other skateboarding fashion staples such as Vans, cutoff shorts and flannel shirts, we think you can pair your Skatersocks with whatever you love. Plus we have them in just about every color of the rainbow, so you’re bound to find your favorite.

Which color do you like best?

July 5, 2016

Stance Hits Home Run with MLB Sock Deal

Stance, one of the most influential brands in the sock universe these days, recently signed a deal to become the official sock provider for Major League Baseball. It will take full effect in the 2017 season, but a few awesome Stance socks for the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby have already appeared.

Here at The Sock Drawer, we have an ever-changing selection of Stance socks, which are made from fine combed cotton and feature bold and striking patterns.

This is just the latest evolution in Stance’s growing dominance of the “cool sock” market, which it helped create in the first place. Through endorsements and partnerships with celebrities, entertainers and sports figures, Stance has made socks the must-have accessory for young and fashionable folks.

Stance Socks for Men

What Does It Mean for Players?

Stance was already the official sock provider for the NBA, and now its growth into baseball — a sport that has somewhat of a sock tradition — helps extend the innovative brand‘s reach into the sports market even more.

Stance developed a special high-performance sock just for the needs of the baseball player, designed to wick away moisture and cushion the ankle in the area where cleats typically dig in and cause discomfort. The company plans to work with each team to create aesthetic designs to match their uniforms. Players don’t have to wear the Stance socks, but the company hopes many will like them.

Stance Socks for Kids

What Does It Mean for Fans?

Along with the pro team socks, Stance will also market performance socks for young and amateur baseball players, as well as casual lines featuring team logos. That means you baseball fans out there can look for your favorite team and stock up for a summer (and hopefully fall) full of trips to the ballpark.

At The Sock Drawer, it’s our goal to stay on top of the trends you sock lovers out there are into. Check back with us often to see what new Stance socks we have on hand!

May 12, 2016

These Composer Socks Are Music to Our Feet

Like a crescendo that gives you goosebumps, these gorgeous music composer socks really transcend the normal definition of art. Take a look at the beautiful detail that renders some of the world’s finest music-makers on these socks from our composer series.

Whether you’re into Bach’s Baroque or Beethoven’s pre-Romanticism, these socks will put you at the height of fashion and culture. Peruse these below, as well as our other music socks, to strike a perfect note with your wardrobe.

Bach Composer Series Socks

Johann Sebastian Bach is undoubtedly one of the best and most famous composers of all time. The German musician was captured in portrait form only a few times, and these cool music socks feature the most famous of those images, based on a painting by Elias Gottlob Haussmann of the composer at around age 60. Wear these awesome Bach socks to your next concert and try to resist the urge to prop your feet up on the seat in front of you.

Beethoven Composer Series Socks

We all know Ludwig von Beethoven’s work for its drama, and these socks also have it in spades. Just look at that glare! Based on a portrait by Joseph Karl Stieler, the likeness of the famous composer on these awesome music socks is sure to get reaction out of classical music lovers and fashion mongers alike. Made for both men and women, these socks are filled with rich detail, much like a Beethoven symphony.

Haydn Composer Series Socks

The predecessor of many of the world’s greatest composers, Joseph Haydn was the architect of the fundamental genres of classical music and a true trendsetter. You, too, can stand out with style in these gorgeous music socks, featuring a likeness of the composer inspired by Thomas Hardy’s portrait from the 1790s. Perfect for those days when you want a look that really makes people pay attention.

Mozart Composer Series Socks

Sock me, Amadeus. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is perhaps as well known now for his personality as for his musical genius, thanks to movies and music documenting his fascinating but short life. The Austrian composer was truly a star who burned out way too soon, dying at age 35, much like several modern rock icons. Pay tribute to the genius with these cool music socks showing the young musician’s portrait. You, too, will be the star of the room with socks this cool.