August 7, 2018

Send the Kids Back to School in Style

You’ve got everything on the supplies list, your kids have picked out new backpacks, and you’ve gone clothes hunting, but have you done the most important back to school shopping of all: fun socks?

Make your children the envy of all their classmates with our fantastic selection of crazy kids’ socks! They’ll feel like they’re too cool for school in our latest styles, but we all know they’re actually just cool enough.


These three-pack sets make it easy for all you busy parents out there to shop smart! Each set includes three pairs of socks in a matching theme, such as art, pirates, sports, dinosaurs and more. They come in three different size options, and they’re a great deal. Piece of cake!

Crew Socks

We also have lots of individual pairs of kids’ socks in awesome patterns your child will love. Does your kid have a favorite food or animal that would look great on socks? Here’s where you’ll find ’em.

Knee Highs

Last but not least, we’ve also got some knee high socks for the boldest kids out there! These fun tall socks come in two different sizes and make a real statement with shorts or a dress, making them a great choice for kids who love to play with their style.

These styles for little feet are fab, but we know kids aren’t the only ones heading back to school around this time! Be sure to check out our special back to school section for older kids in middle and high school and college students. Get your school year started on the right foot!