June 5, 2018

Sock Battle: Cats vs. Dogs

Let the fur fly! Our cat socks are taking on our dog socks in a battle of the beasts! OK, maybe “beasts” isn’t the right word. It’s more like “adorable, loveable fur babies.”

We sock fairies down at The Sock Drawer truly can’t decide who comes out on top in this one. We love all animals, and that’s especially true for the ones that live in our fairy houses and snuggle up with us.

Who could choose between these? They’re all so great! Here are some of our all-time favorite cat and dog socks, plus some of our newest feline and canine designs. These make a perfect gift idea for the cat or dog person in your life … or for yourself!

Cats! Socks
Dogs! Socks

Cats! Socks Dogs! Socks

These funny word socks are a great choice for crazy cat ladies or passionate puppy fans, spelling out your animal of choice with lots of exclamation points in tow!!!


Holy moly, do we ever have a great selection of cat socks for women and men right now! From big jungle cats to silly house cats getting up to mischief, there’s something for every feline friend.


Dog lovers, get your paws on these puppies! We have fun dog socks for both women and men featuring all your favorite breeds in bright, bold and just-plain-funny patterns.

So, have you made up your mind about who wins this sock battle? Actually, never mind. Whether you adore cats, dogs or both, we’re pretty sure everyone wins with socks this cool!