May 12, 2016

These Composer Socks Are Music to Our Feet

Like a crescendo that gives you goosebumps, these gorgeous music composer socks really transcend the normal definition of art. Take a look at the beautiful detail that renders some of the world’s finest music-makers on these socks from our composer series.

Whether you’re into Bach’s Baroque or Beethoven’s pre-Romanticism, these socks will put you at the height of fashion and culture. Peruse these below, as well as our other music socks, to strike a perfect note with your wardrobe.

Bach Composer Series Socks

Johann Sebastian Bach is undoubtedly one of the best and most famous composers of all time. The German musician was captured in portrait form only a few times, and these cool music socks feature the most famous of those images, based on a painting by Elias Gottlob Haussmann of the composer at around age 60. Wear these awesome Bach socks to your next concert and try to resist the urge to prop your feet up on the seat in front of you.

Beethoven Composer Series Socks

We all know Ludwig von Beethoven’s work for its drama, and these socks also have it in spades. Just look at that glare! Based on a portrait by Joseph Karl Stieler, the likeness of the famous composer on these awesome music socks is sure to get reaction out of classical music lovers and fashion mongers alike. Made for both men and women, these socks are filled with rich detail, much like a Beethoven symphony.

Haydn Composer Series Socks

The predecessor of many of the world’s greatest composers, Joseph Haydn was the architect of the fundamental genres of classical music and a true trendsetter. You, too, can stand out with style in these gorgeous music socks, featuring a likeness of the composer inspired by Thomas Hardy’s portrait from the 1790s. Perfect for those days when you want a look that really makes people pay attention.

Mozart Composer Series Socks

Sock me, Amadeus. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is perhaps as well known now for his personality as for his musical genius, thanks to movies and music documenting his fascinating but short life. The Austrian composer was truly a star who burned out way too soon, dying at age 35, much like several modern rock icons. Pay tribute to the genius with these cool music socks showing the young musician’s portrait. You, too, will be the star of the room with socks this cool.