August 29, 2017

Welcome Many Mornings’ Mismatched Style!

We’d like to introduce a new brand to our Sock Drawer family: Many Mornings! These crazy mismatched novelty socks are unlike any others in our collection, and it’s easy to see why. The company’s fun and funky designs come with two mismatched socks!

These bright beauties are available for women, men and kids, and we think they’re going to be a hit for those of you out there with the quirkiest, silliest style! Whoever said socks have to match, anyway? Plus, they’re made from a comfy cotton blend, and we can vouch for the excellent weaving quality and color saturation.

Many Mornings socks are made in Poland in the town of Aleksandrów Łódzki, which has a long history of textile and sock production. Some people even call it “Sock-city.” The family behind the brand makes a major effort to donate socks and proceeds to organizations in need, and we are so happy to call them a partner!

Check out these amazing socks!

Animal Patterns

Animal lovers will adore these colorful socks! Sometimes, they get especially cheeky, such as with the pig and chicken styles. A sharp sense of humor is required for those pairs!

For Foodies

From healthy fruits and veggies to junk food, everything’s on the menu! These food socks make a great gift idea for coffee addicts, home chefs, gardeners and more.

A Little Bit of Everything

Many Mornings frequently adds new patterns to its stable, some of which are submitted by fans to the brand’s regular design contests. The result is an eclectic and just plain fun selection of styles to suit just about any personality!

A Note on Sizing for Adult Socks

Many Mornings makes its adult socks in small, medium and large unisex sizes. Here in the U.S., most shoppers are used to seeing women’s and men’s products, so we have separated these up that way, with small and medium labeled as women’s and large labeled as men’s. However, there is no difference in design between the different “women’s” and “men’s” sizes; some are simply larger than others.

  • Small Many Mornings socks fit women’s shoe size 5-8 and men’s shoe size 3-6.
  • Medium Many Mornings socks fit women’s shoe size 8.5-10 and men’s shoe size 7-9.
  • Large Many Mornings socks fit women’s shoe size 10-13 and men’s shoe size 10-13.

Many, but not all, of these designs are available in all three sizes. We recommend you look closely at each product to be sure you find the right size for you.

Kids’ Socks, Too!

Several designs are also available for children, and we think little ones are going to love these crazy bright kids’ socks! They come in three child sizes.

Holiday Style

Many Mornings is even ready for winter with these fun holiday styles! The snowman design is specially woven in a thicker, cushier style to keep your toes extra cozy come winter.

So which of these are going on your wishlist? We hope you love these crazy socks as much as we do! We also recently welcomed another fantastic new brand, Pendleton, to the fold, and we’ve been adding lots of new arrivals from our other popular brands lately. Be sure to check them all out to find your new favorites!