February 5, 2018

Couple Up in Valentine’s Day Pairs

Need an adorable Valentine’s Day gift for a man or a woman? How about a set of matching couples’ socks so you can celebrate together in style?

At The Sock Drawer, we have thousands of patterns of crazy cool socks, and many of them are available in both a men’s and women’s size. That means it’s easy to find a matching set that features whatever you and your valentine are into. Do you like to hike together? Cook or try new restaurants? Just goof around and make each other laugh? We’ve got the socks for that!

Check out some of our favorite matching sets of men’s and women’s socks.

Food Socks

IMG_7281Foodie couples who love to cook together or who enjoy sampling every restaurant in town have a lot to choose from on our menu of matching socks! Some of our faves include:

Outdoor & Wildlife Socks

IMG_2395We know lots of couples who bond over their love of animals, camping and spending time outside. These are a few of our favorite sets inspired by Mother Nature!

Intellectual Interest Socks

IMG_7577It’s wonderful to share your intellectual pursuits with someone who’s equally passionate! Go ahead and nerd out together in these sets.

Goofy Socks

IMG_5283Does your valentine love to make you laugh? We have so many funny sock styles that will crack you both up!

If you’re not into the matchy-matchy thing, we also have lots of great Valentine’s Day socks! And if you’re really not feeling the lovey-dovey vibes this year, we even have a hilarious collection for singles to rock on Valentine’s Day.