October 3, 2017

Fall Fashion: The Best Socks for College Students

As cooler autumn weather begins to arrive around the country, we’re thinking of a group of people who spend a lot of time outside walking from place to place: college students! We think all those fine folks out there trekking across campuses to better themselves and nail down college degrees deserve a special treat for the feet.

These cool fall socks for women and men make an awesome gift for students, whether you’re waiting for the holidays or just looking to send the student you know a care package during the semester!

Check out some of these seasonal styles that would look great with a backpack:

Pendleton & Smartwool Socks

Let’s start at the top! These socks from Smartwool and Pendleton are some of our highest quality fall favorites, with cotton and wool blends that are designed to hold up whether you’re hiking through the mountains or just to the library again for study group. These warm, comfy socks are a great choice when winter comes, too!

Fun Seasonal Prints

For a light, fun take on fall, we recommend some seasonal novelty socks featuring prints in earthy hues starring woodland animals and autumn activities. These fun socks are a great way to put a smile on any student’s face, even if a big exam is coming up!

Boot Socks

Booties and boots are super popular on college campuses, especially as the weather gets colder. For women, we have lots of fun and cozy knee high socks that look and feel fantastic with boots. We also suggest both women and men check out the Outlands collection from Socksmith, which includes tall, thick socks that work perfectly with walking boots!

School Pride

Has the college student you’re shopping for picked a major yet? We’ve got lots of great socks repping math, literature, art, science and more. Also, consider searching for a pattern with the school mascot! Our vast animal socks collection is a great place to start!

All these fall socks make a great choice year-round, of course, and college students who are busy doing the hard work of education deserve ’em! So which pairs will you be sending in your next care package? Don’t forget to throw in some snacks, too!