July 10, 2018

Fresh Fruit Styles Ripe for the Picking

In the heat of summer, we’ve got a refreshing treat for your feet! We have lots of colorful, cute styles in stock right now featuring different kinds of tasty fruit. Our selection of food socks is always popular, but fruit socks seem to be particularly hot right now, and it’s easy to see why: These fun, bright styles just say summertime!

Browse through our orchard of sweet, healthful fruit socks and pick yourself out something ripe!


Because it’s grown in tropical locations, fresh pineapple is available most times of the year, and yet there’s something about a pineapple pattern that just feels so summery! Slice yourself off a piece of pineapple socks!

Mismatched Watermelons
Watermelon Socks

Mismatched Watermelons Watermelon Socks

What’s better than a cold slice of watermelon on a hot day? It might be the most refreshing fruit, and its red-and-green look is pretty darn refreshing, too! Brighten your style up with watermelon socks.


Break out the whipped cream! Come summertime, strawberries are like nature’s candy, and we love rocking their bright red on our feet. How cute would these patterns be with a sundress? What’s more, strawberries are one of the main agricultural exports near Sock Drawer headquarters in California, so our sock fairies have a special affinity for ’em!

Citrus Socks
Lemons Socks

Citrus Socks Lemons Socks

Yellow is so popular right now, so our socks featuring lemons and other citrus fruits should satisfy your craving! Wear these while sipping a tall glass of lemonade out on the veranda … ahh!


Let’s wrap things up with perhaps our most popular fruit motif of all: bananas. This tasty snack has inspired some of our most beloved sock patterns, maybe because the bright color and kooky shape just feel so cheerful. These socks are B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

They may not seem like it, but avocados are fruits, too! Give them a little love down at the old sock market, along with our other fun food patterns.