November 20, 2018

Up Your Sock Game with These Fun Holiday Ideas

The holidays are officially underway, and we’ve been busy getting all those fabulous gifts ready for everyone on your Christmas and Hanukkah shopping lists. You all know by now that novelty socks make great presents, but this year, we suggest you take your sock game to the next level!

We’ve come up with some creative ideas that just might tickle your toes. Check these out.

Secret Santa, But Better

If you’re doing a gift exchange with a group of friends, family or co-workers this season, here’s a fun new twist: a sock exchange! This idea has gone viral this year, with lots of variations. Some groups have everyone bring in a pair and put them all in a bag for everyone to draw from. Others do it “white elephant” style, where you take turns trading and stealing the pairs you like best. The sillier the socks, the better the results! We’ve rounded up a few of our funniest Christmas pairs here. This is a great way to simplify the gift exchange process and still keep things really fresh and fun.

Sock Up the Stockings

Looking for creative stocking stuffers for kids and other loved ones? Cut back on the candy canes and office supplies and consider socks instead. They’re small, they’re affordable, and there’s a perfect pattern for every personality. That makes them a great choice for a stocking stuffer in our book!

Deck the Halls

Mix up your standard holiday decorations this year by adding some socks to your home in unexpected places! Here are some fun ways to use our many cool Christmas styles:

Chair Socks

Put socks on the bottom of chair legs. This adds such a fun touch to a dining set! It’s practical, too, if you have wood floors. We suggest you pick out a kids’ sock style so they fit best on the chair legs, and some creative pinning will help keep them in place.

Elf Legs

Make some “elf legs” sticking out of a tree. Families with a great sense of humor will love this one. Stuff some festive knee highs like these candy cane striped ones with some bendy wire and stuffing and affix them in your Christmas tree, as though there’s an elf digging around in there somewhere.

Sock Ornaments

Make your own Christmas tree ornaments. Socks are already a festive Christmas motif thanks to stockings, and they can look completely adorable on a tree, too! Try this DIY technique with the kids! We think these Christmas campers would be cute, but you can choose any pattern that speaks to you.

Trick Out the Treat Bags

Here’s a great gift idea if you need to get something for a group of people, for instance several co-workers, multiple party guests or all of your kids’ teachers. Make or purchase a festive treat like holiday candies or party mix, and instead of using just a plastic bag, use a sock as the treat bag! Stuff the other sock down in the toe so the recipient gets to enjoy the pair in addition to the festive foodstuff.

Do you have any other creative uses for socks or DIY ideas for the holidays? Post them on our Facebook page!