September 5, 2017

Get Away from It All in Outlands Socks

Out on the trail, you want socks that can really perform, but that doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice style! Cue these cool hiking socks from Socksmith’s new Outlands collection.

These men’s and women’s hiking socks are designed to hold up whether you’re curled up in a sleeping bag or sweating it out after many miles in the woods. Check out some of these advanced features:

  • Moisture-wicking fabric: Outlands socks are made of a cotton blend that’s designed to wick away moisture, aka sweat. This keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Antimicrobial properties: That cotton blend has been treated with a substance called silver ion, which prevents bacteria growth. What does that mean for you? No stink even after a long hike!
  • Reinforced arches: You don’t want your socks moving around in your hiking boots and causing irritation. Reinforced arches keep Outlands socks in place.
  • Cushioned footbed: There’s extra support right where you need it in these babies, keeping you surprisingly comfortable many miles in!

Look AND Feel Great

Outlands socks also look great. There are several styles for men and women, and they all have a homey, classic look with repeating patterns of woodland animals, trees, lanterns and so on. A natural color palette of tans and grays is dotted with brighter red, green and yellow for an effect that’s both earthy and chic.

These socks are also slightly taller than your typical crew sock, in what some would call a “trouser length.” They’re not as tall as a knee high sock, but they go farther up the calf than a standard crew thanks to their wide, stretchy cuffs. This makes them an excellent choice to pair with hiking boots.

Next time you’re planning a wilderness adventure, pick up some of these fun outdoor socks to protect your feet and keep it stylish on the trail! Also, be sure to check out our other camping and hiking socks!