April 25, 2017

Fun & Funky Socks for Your Wedding Party

Planning your upcoming nuptials? There are tons of details to work out, but we’ve got one bit of planning that you will totally love: picking out fun socks for your wedding party!

It’s becoming more and more popular to have all of your groomsmen wear fun matching socks, but we think the bridesmaids should get in on it too, at least at the bachelorette party! Check out some of the great ways socks can fit into your wedding plans!

A Truly Pampering Request Gift: Cashmere

Women's Cashmere Socks
Men's Cashmere Socks

Women's Cashmere Socks Men's Cashmere Socks

Wedding party request gifts are a great way to show those special friends and family members how much they mean to you as you invite them to partake in your big day! Add a pampering pair of cashmere luxury socks to each gift with a note that says, “Will you take this step with us?”

For the Maid of Honor & Best Man


Women's "I'm Not Bossy" Socks Men's "Like a Boss" Socks

For your best man and maid or matron of honor, let them know they’re in charge with these funny “boss” socks! They’d better get to work on your bachelor and bachelorette parties! Speaking of which …

Bachelorette & Bachelor Party Socks

We’ve got tons of socks that are perfect for your pre-wedding parties! Be sure to check out our women’s and men’s happy hour collections if you’re planning a wild time!

Pick a Theme, Any Theme

When it comes time for the ceremony and reception, we adore the idea of having your wedding party slip their toes into a matching theme! Maybe all your groomsmen want to wear different food socks or pop culture socks. Let the bridesmaids pop off their heels at the reception and put on some art socks or animal socks! Pick whatever theme you and your bridal party love!

Incorporating fun socks into your wedding makes for great photos (remember to tag us!), and it also gives the members of your bridal party a lasting memento that they’ll wear all the time!

Learn about more wedding sock ideas for the bride and groom and even for reception favors here. Oh and one more thing … congratulations!