November 13, 2018

Gift Guide: What to Get All Your Co-Workers

The holidays are looming, and we know you’re busy planning get-togethers and buying gifts for all your loved ones. We thought we’d make one part of holiday planning easy on you: Christmas and Hanukkah presents for your co-workers.

Hooking co-workers up with a little something at the holidays is a great way to look good at work, but we understand it can get stressful and pricey if you have lots of people on your list. That’s why novelty socks are such a great gift idea for work. They’re affordable, they’re practical, and they’re easy to tailor to every personality.

Here, we’ve chosen some pairs that make sense for lots of workplaces. They’re the perfect thing if you’re shopping for a whole team of people or just need a quick gift for the office Secret Santa exchange! Check ’em out.

Coffee & Doughnuts

There are a couple of things in this world that are nearly guaranteed to please every co-worker: coffee and doughnuts. Hook up your cohorts with a treat bag filled with doughnut holes, a gift card to their favorite cafe and some of these fun sock styles!

Industry-Specific Patterns

What kind of work are you in? We have lots of industry-specific patterns that make a fun choice for people in those occupations. Our collection of medical socks is particularly strong for all you healthcare workers out there, and you can also use our search function on our website to find lots of other styles specific to your job!

Snarky & Sassy

If you work in the kind of place where you can get away with patterns that are a little silly or even scandalous, these are the perfect choices. There’s no better moment than flashing your work buddy some hilarious socks during another boring meeting!

Something Tasteful

Work in a more formal environment? No problem! We have lots of classy, tasteful dress socks with patterns that add some fun flair to your wardrobe but are totally work-appropriate. These make a really thoughtful gift for folks working in finance, public service and lots of other professional roles.

Other solid options you could always try are luxury socks made from high-end materials such as Merino wool, as well as novelty holiday socks. Both kinds make great go-to gifts for anyone, such as a co-worker who you may not know very well.

Be sure to check out all of our gift guides as Christmas and Hanukkah near, and also remember to sign up for our email newsletter. Big sales are coming soon, and you don’t want to miss out!