September 1, 2018

Gift Guide: Personalized Ideas for Every Personality

We’re back again to help with all your gift shopping needs! Having recently covered moms, dads and kids, we thought we’d turn to all those other folks in your life who will need Christmas presents and gifts for other occasions, but who maybe aren’t so easy to shop for. We’re talking gift ideas for co-workers, in-laws, acquaintances, your kids’ teachers … you know the type!

Let’s break it down by personality. Is the person you’re shopping for a cheerful, silly optimist? A bit of a grouch? A curious explorer? An ambitious go-getter?

Well, we’ve got just the thing …

The Optimist

For those bright, fun people who add joy to your life, how about some accessories that add joy to theirs? Funny socks and colorful food and animal patterns are great for optimists who want some silly socks to go with their bold, colorful personalities!

The Pessimist

Give those snarky, sassy pessimists a taste of their own medicine with these sarcastic patterns. Sometimes it just feels good to embrace the dark side a little bit!

The Introvert

What better than comfy, cute socks for a night in? Here we have a selection of patterns with books, video games, pets and animals who are prone to introverted behavior … like Bigfoot! Plus, you could hook your introvert friends and loved ones up with some cozy luxury socks that are great for lounging!

The Type A

Bold folks with strong personalities can take charge of their footwear with these styles we’ve hand-picked for all the Type A’s out there!

The Explorer

Shopping for a person who loves hiking, daydreaming about deep space or the deep sea, or otherwise getting curious about this wonderful world of ours? We have lots of patterns celebrating Mother Nature and human nature that they might adore!

The Creative

Art and music lovers and other creative types are likely to thrive in these fun patterns. Help inspire them to add a little more beauty to the world in socks that are just as beautiful!

Our most loyal sock lovers may remember that we did another blog post like this one a year ago. You let us know you loved that gift guide, so we hand-picked all new choices from this year’s stock to make sure you had the latest and greatest gifts ahead of the 2018 holiday shopping season!

Be sure to check out all of our gift guides as the holidays creep closer, and remember to sign up for our email newsletter to find out about sales!