November 27, 2018

8 Gift Ideas for People You Don’t Know Very Well

Have you picked up a Christmas or Hanukkah present yet for your kids’ teachers? How about that friendly neighbor who always brings cookies over? Your mail carrier? Your co-worker in the office gift exchange? Did you remember your cousin’s new significant other who may or may not be at your family gathering? WHO ELSE are you forgetting?!

Calm down … it’s cool. Take a breath. We can help!

Holiday shopping can be so overwhelming, particularly when you need to get presents for people you don’t know very well. But we think novelty socks are the perfect solution. They’re practical, they’re fun, and they won’t break the bank.

Here are our favorite styles for all those people on your list who you just can’t figure out what to get.

Teacher Socks

It’s the ultimate teacher gift, available for both men and women. We also have a whole gift guide just for teachers in case you have several to shop for or you’d like the put together multiple pairs for a more substantial gift. They deserve it!

Doughnut Socks

Who doesn’t like doughnuts? This particular men’s style is one of our best-selling patterns of all time, but we also offer several other doughnut styles for women and men. These make a great go-to gift for nearly anyone, but particularly for co-workers. There’s just something about work and doughnuts that makes them go together, huh?

Christmas Lights Socks

You can’t go wrong with a festive holiday pattern at this time of year! We have a ton of fantastic Christmas socks, but these twinkle lights have been popular for years for both women and men. The cheerful pattern is pretty much as merry and bright as it gets!

Candy Pain Socks

This slightly sillier take on Christmas socks is a new style for us this season, and we just adore it! It features a pattern of candy canes, and a few of them have been sucked on until they’re super sharp — you know how it goes. We think these would make a fun gift for just about anyone with a sense of humor! Available for both women and men.

Dazzling Wonderland Wool Socks

Not sure about how your gift recipient would appreciate a silly novelty pattern? No problem. We suggest something more luxurious, such as this pair of beautiful Merino wool socks. Everyone likes to be pampered, and these classically styled winter socks are super warm and soft. Definitely a winning gift choice!

Burgee Wool Socks

A similar choice for men, these stylish wool socks make for a classically good gift. High quality goes a long way, and these Smartwool socks in neutral colors are very soft and so durable that they’ll last years. If that’s not a nice gift, what is?

Starry Night Socks

This pair of women’s socks is our most popular style of all time. They are at the same time playful and classic, fun and gorgeous. They look equally good under a business suit or with sneakers and shorts. That van Gogh guy really knew his stuff.

Tacosaurus Socks

This men’s style is another long-time best seller, and we wanted to include it on this list because, well, what’s not to love? The pattern is of tacos that are also dinosaurs … um, yes please! Seriously, these have gotten a laugh out of so many of our customers over the years. The black background keeps them relatively reserved, so they wouldn’t even look out of place in an office setting. What a great gift for anyone who could use a laugh!

These are just a few of our choices that would make great gift ideas, but we also want to encourage you to use our handy search feature to find the perfect patterns for everyone on your shopping list. And if you’re feeling any doubt, remember we also have gift cards!