February 26, 2019

Get on Trend with Spring’s Hottest Colors

Now that 2019 has begun, are you living for “Living Coral”? That’s the color of the year, according to the tastemakers and color experts at Pantone, and we’re totally feeling it when it comes to sock fashions!

This time of year is great for refreshing your wardrobe and breathing a little life into it after a gray winter. You can pick up a handful of new novelty socks to liven up your look without breaking the bank, and we just so happen to have every color of the rainbow at your disposal!

Let’s take a look at Living Coral and some of the other cheerful hues Pantone has picked out for 2019. These are colors that have been all over the high-fashion runways, and now it’s time to take them to your sock drawer!

Living Coral

Somewhere between pink and orange is coral, the color of the year and an up-and-coming shade for our selection of novelty socks. We have about a dozen women’s socks in this hue, most of which are relatively new additions to our lineup. We think it’s pretty and feminine while also being really vibrant and fun!

Royal Blue

Some form of blue is always in fashion, and for this spring, it’s looking like a vibrant, royal blue is the way to go. We have oh-so-many blue socks for both women and men, and lots of them are long-time best sellers. It’s hard not to love this color that’s both calming and bold, soft and strong.

Golden Yellow

Like a ray of sunshine, golden yellow is bursting onto the scene! This saturated color is one of our absolute faves for novelty socks because it’s so bright. Whether you just show a touch of gold peeking out from under your jeans or you go all the way with a dress and yellow knee highs like these, this color just lights up a look. We’ve been getting more men’s styles in this shade lately, too!

Fuchsia Pink

Speaking of bold and vibrant, check out this fuchsia pink! Pantone calls it “tantalizingly theatrical,” and we couldn’t agree more. Fuchsia is a richly saturated pink that falls somewhere between red and purple on the color wheel, and we totally love it on women’s socks. Just look at it on that pair of socks with the lilies — even that relatively bold blue background looks like a neutral paired with this pink!

Bright Green

You can’t go wrong with green for springtime! We have a whole lot of green styles, and this bright shade feels so fresh and fun. Darker forest green hues are great for fall and winter, but let’s go lime this time of year!

Which color do you like best for springtime? We love all of these choices from Pantone, but truth be told, we love every color. Remember you can always use the little color swatch buttons on our website to filter just for certain colors, or you can always go RAINBOW!