February 16, 2017

How to Style 4 Quirky Sock Trends

Here at The Sock Drawer, we are proud to be known for fun, crazy novelty socks! The patterns and designs we sell are for people who don’t mind standing out a little bit with their style, as well as people who like their look to have a quirky spin or a sense of humor!

That said, we understand that some crazy sock trends can be a little intimidating when it comes to trying them for the first time.

Here, we break down four of the most popular trends in the world of socks these days and how to incorporate them into your look!

Novelty Knee Highs

Photos from The Sock Drawer, Sock It to Me

We love knee high socks, which is why we offer hundreds of pairs featuring everything from animals and flowers to food and art. We’re guessing it’s easy for you to look through our selection and find a pattern that makes you happy.

The next step is what’s challenging: What do you wear with them? How do you find something to match a crazy design?

We suggest you let your knee highs be the “star” of the outfit. You can still dress up or down to your liking, as with the outer space and bookworm socks here, but it’s wise to stick to simple silhouettes and neutral colors. That way the socks get the attention, like a piece of statement jewelry might.

Once you get comfortable with this approach, you may find yourself pairing your knee socks with some of your louder outfits, and we’re all for that!

Sheer or Fishnet Socks & Tights

Photos from Glamour, WhoWhatWear.com

One of the more recent trends that we get asked about a lot is wearing sheer or fishnet socks. Seemingly everywhere these days, according to Glamour, the sheer thing is a bit of a throwback to the ’80s.

So how do you keep it modern and updated without looking like you just stepped out of a time machine? Stick to just small touches.

Swap out your no-show socks for a pair of fishnet ones to wear with jeans or other pants. Pick up some special sheer socks to wear with heels and a skirt. And — if you’re really daring — let your fishnet tights show around your midriff while wearing a crop top!

Socks with Sandals

Photos from The Sock Drawer, Birkenstock

Wearing socks with your sandals has been known as a fashion faux pas until recent years, but we’re firm believers that there is a right way to style this trend!

Birkenstocks and similar casual flats are all the rage these days. Wear equally casual and neutral socks under them for a slouchy but stylish look. We recommend organic cotton or wool socks for maximum coziness and hygge.

If you want a little more zing, choose a fun novelty sock like the Starry Night or toucan socks shown here and pair them with a heeled sandal that holds its own style-wise. Again, keep the rest of your outfit relatively neutral so that your footwear steals the show!

Skater Style

Photos from Stance, Skatersocks

Skater style comes back down the half-pipe every so often, showing up not just on the streets but also on the runways. If you like the aesthetic and want to add a few touches of it to your wardrobe without actually getting on a skateboard, socks are a great way to do it.

We carry two brands that embody the sporty vibe: Skatersocks and Stance. Skatersocks makes a modern take on the old-school striped tube sock, and Stance adds bold patterns for an edgy twist.

Adding socks like these to nearly any outfit will give you a street style touch. Pair them with shorts, a T-shirt and sneakers for a super summery look, add them to jeans and black boots for a punky feel, or try pairing them with vintage shoes and patterned pants for a quirky look that’s all your own!

Do you think you’re ready to try some of these more off-the-wall sock trends now? We love seeing how people incorporate these awesome accessories into their own personal style! What will they say about you?