October 20, 2015

It’s a Dog’s Life: Top 10 Paw-some Colorful Socks for Women

They say dogs are man’s best friend… clearly “they” don’t understand a woman’s unique love for her pooch. Whether reminiscing on your childhood pet, paying homage to your current puppy, or dreaming of your favorite breed- there is something for every dog lover here at The Sock Drawer. Now you better go fetch yourself a pair of fun dog socks before they run off… but also remember to hide them from your teething puppy before they become another chew toy.


Ball Dog

Fun fact about the breed: One of the many breeds featured on this fun pair of socks is an adorable Pitbull. Despite having a harsh image, these cool dogs are incredibly trustworthy and gentle around humans- especially children. The rumored “locking jaw” of a Pitbull is completely false- their jaws are just uniquely strong.

Will make you as happy as: In these awesomely detailed dog socks, you are guaranteed to be as happy as a Pitbull with a brand new, colorful Kong toy it will surely rip apart. Or as overjoyed as a Pitbull with anything to play with, really.



Fun fact about the breed: Did you know the Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world? Despite their small stature, they are known for their crazy attitude that rivals that of much larger breeds. Thankfully these bundles of fun live for up to 20 years- proving they are tiny but mighty.

Will make you as happy as: This colorful pair of dog socks will make you feel as overjoyed as a tiny Chihuahua in a warm, oversized sweater cuddled up with it’s favorite family member. Adorned in pink ribbons as adorable as these animal socks themselves, wearing these cool socks as much as possible will maximize your joy, and allow you to avoid shaking like crazy in the cold.


Black lab

Fun fact about the breed: Did you know Labrador Retrievers are the most common breeds used for assistance dogs? Over 70{5a6a0765414a22fd6e6b5a6f86dd6a2f2ad8298dd1f20a605c68376c65472295} of guide dogs are Labs, which is greatly attributed to their unique overwhelming desire to please. Their crazy accurate senses don’t hurt the cause, either.

Will make you as happy as: These unique animal socks will make you as overjoyed as a Black Lab when it’s owners come home from the store with a colorful new tennis ball. These dogs are fiercely loyal, just as you will soon be to your favorite awesome pair of animal socks. Now feel free to go crazy… although we do not suggest chewing them to shreds upon their arrival.


Boston Terrier Knee High

Fun fact about the breed: Although they appear sluggish, these crazy googly-eyed pups were initially double their modern weight and bred to fight in pits. Now, Boston Terriers are instead known as “The American Gentleman,” thanks to its’ unique tuxedo coat patterned fur and cool, gentle temperament.

Will make you as happy as: These positively adorable knee high socks are said to make you as happy as a Boston Terrier in one of these brand new colorful bow ties. As if they weren’t cute enough already, these awesome accessories will put them over the edge… also giving your style a big boost.


Haute Dog and Christmas Haute Dog

Fun fact about the breed: Did you know that the Dachshunds come in 15 different colors and 6 coat combinations? According to one of our sock fairies, an excited Dachshund can be seen bouncing like a deer through the grass after a ball, the only thing missing is a cape. They are loyal, protective and wonderful to cuddlers.

Will make you as happy as: As happy as a wiener dog wrapped up in it’s favorite crazy outfit. It seems like these comically shaped dogs are made for costumes, whether it be the cool classic hot dog suit, a colorful dinosaur, or just a comfortable sweater, these puppies are happy and haute in their garments. Go crazy over these awesomely unique animal socks.


Golden Retriever

Fun fact about the breed: It is no secret that Golden Retrievers are often regarded as America’s favorite breed. Present in countless fun family films and TV shows, these All-Americans are known for their true companionship and unique sense of smell. Not only do they make great family pets, but they are also All-Star bomb sniffers and search and rescue dogs.

Will make you as happy as: A cool celebrity pooch with all the camera time he wants. Get ready for your close up in these awesomely detailed dog socks, allowing you to express your crazy obsession with man’s best friend in the best way you know how- with a stylish new pair of socks. Throw in a colorful chew toy for scene breaks? Prepare for a happy pup.



Fun fact about the breed: The adorable Corgi became synonymous with the Royal Family thanks to Queen Elizabeth II, who has owned over 30 dogs (and counting!) of the breed. Their unique regal status overseas has translated to an equally crazed love in the states, where the obsession with Corgis, or “dwarf dog” in Welsh, has spawned countless fun video uploads and millions of YouTube views.

Will make you as happy as: A Corgi with a crown. While these awesome animal socks are covered in cool pups with colorful bandanas, we feel they would be much more at home in fashionable jewels. Although these dogs certainly have a place amongst Royalty, there is no denying they will be equally happy just chasing around a tennis ball.



Fun fact about the breed: If you own a French Bulldog, you have probably learned they can often bite off far more than they can chew… literally. English lacemakers use to choose the breed as companions and lap warmers. In addition to their unique bat-like ears, their short snout and petite frame make them simply irresistible.

Will make you as happy as: A French Bulldog in the early 1900’s. These cool animal socks are covered with the very dog that was a symbol of wealth and royalty just a century ago. These pups were seen as a stylish and fashionable representation of social status, and were treated the same. Continue the legacy of greatness in this awesome pair of frenchie socks.



Fun fact about the breed: If you have spent time around a Yorkie, it should come as no surprise that the breed is known for their crazy attitude, with apparently no concept of how uniquely small they are. At a fun average size of 7 lbs, these dogs are brave and protective over their owners, meaning there is some bark and bite to go along with this innocent Yorkie with a bow in it’s hair.

Will make you as happy as: A Yorkie with an open field to play in. In these colorful animal socks you will get the jolt of energy necessary to keep up with your crazy pooch, and look trendy doing so. Stay cool after an active day of running around with your pup in either lagoon blue or black variations of this irresistibly cute dog socks.


Pug Socks and Christmas Antler Pugs

Fun fact about the breed: Pugs have a uniquely long history, where the first on record pop up around 400 BC in China. These slow moving pugs aren’t made for moving fast, and generally sleep about 14 hours per day, which is why they were first bred to sit on the laps of Chinese emperors as companions. Bonus fun fact: a group of pugs is called a grumble.

Will make you as happy as: A pug in a pair of protective goggles. Okay, we aren’t sure how much fun that would be for them… but can you imagine how crazy cute they would look over their buggy eyes? Rival this adorable image with this colorful pair of animal socks guaranteed to stretch a smile across your face. Don’t forget to keep your pup as cool as you look in these socks!