April 10, 2018

Make the Spring Transition in Knee Highs

Spring is in full swing! The weather is warming up, which has us itching to show off our weird, wild socks in shorter fashions like dresses, skirts and shorts. But we know that at this time of year, no matter how much we’d love to rock a pair of jorts, the weather report may not oblige.

When you’re ready to wear fun, bright socks for spring but it’s chilly and rainy out, knee high socks are the perfect solution.

These beauties are really versatile in that you can still show off some awesome patterns with lots of different outfits and shoe choices. You can stay covered up from spring’s wetter, colder days but still inject lots of color and fun into your style, which we all need post-winter!

Read on to learn about some different knee high styling options that are perfect for the season.

Over Slim Pants or Leggings

On those cool, rainy spring days, you can still have fun with your socks and stay warm by layering the socks on top of pants. Skinny jeans and other slim cut pants, as well as leggings, can look great under knee high socks.

We have a collection of extra stretchy knee highs that accommodate beautifully for the extra bulk of having a layer underneath. They are designed specifically to stretch without distorting the design.

So on those days when you’re just dying to wear a spring dress and fun socks, but you know you’ll freeze, just put some leggings on underneath! Or slip on your warm skinny jeans and a bright top with some matching knee highs.

With Rain Boots

What’s cuter than fun rain boots? Fun rain boots with knee socks, of course!

Seriously, rubber rain boots are back again this spring as a cozy but stylish choice to get through the season, and we adore how they look with knee high socks. We suggest you choose a style that has a large-scale, graphic pattern to peek out of your boots, or perhaps something weather-appropriate like these Raining Cats & Dogs socks!

Warming It Up

Of course, as the spring weather turns from lion to lamb and the temperatures rise, you can lose the layers, ditch the rain boots and just rock your knee socks loud and proud. They still provide more coverage for chilly mornings but are positively cheerful by the time the sun comes out!

Try some bright, springy colors or floral patterns to truly capture the feeling of renewal and let your style bloom!