June 21, 2016

What a Masterpiece These Socks Are!

These high-quality portrait and art socks have been some of our favorites for years now, so check out a sampling below. These beautiful and unique art socks are perfect for those on your gift list who appreciate beauty in all its forms (you know, both painting and socks).

In this helpful guide, we’ve broken down the details on who would love each pair of socks and how to style them, perfect for a newcomer to the art world or a seasoned connoisseur.

The Dream Masterpiece Series Socks

For the sock lover who: Prefers artwork in mint condition. Although this famous Picasso painting lost millions of dollars in value when its owner accidentally shoved an elbow through it, these colorful art socks are just as gorgeous with absolutely no damage. Before the tearing incident, this painting was valued at $135 million, but we will cut you a deal.
Wear them with: Your favorite matching pajamas. The artwork is called The Dream, after all.

The Kiss Masterpiece Series Socks

For the sock lover who: Loves to talk about Austrian painter Gustav Klimt’s Golden Period. Not only is this painting a vision of both the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements, but it is also perfect for an eye-catching pair of socks that will stand out from the office to the gym. No need to make the trip to the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere — you’ve got close to the real thing right here.
Wear them when: When you are trying to make a subtle move on that cutie who loves art. Your crush will get the picture.

The Delphic Sibyl Masterpiece Series Socks

For the sock lover who: Is wise beyond his or her years … possibly dating all the way back to 1509. Michelangelo’s interpretation of this powerful, prophetic woman is nothing short of colorful and unique, just like your wardrobe. This sibyl is described as mentally and physically heroic, so slip on these awesome socks when you need a little jolt of inspiration.
Wear them when: Tackling a big project at work or school. It’s go time when you slip on these art socks.  

David Masterpiece Series Socks

For the sock lover who: Can’t stop talking about that semester abroad in Italy. Sure, your friend learned about 16th century art firsthand. That’s cool and all, but does the person even know the statue was used to represent the defense of civil liberties in the Republic of Florence? Or that David’s bold warning glare was intentionally turned toward Rome during times of mistrust? Regardless, these cool socks were made for the Michelangelo fan in all of us.
Wear them with: Your smokin’ hot bod. Just kidding … wearing these unique socks with anything (or nothing?) is perfectly fine.

Portrait of Dora Maar Masterpiece Series Socks

For the sock lover who: Has just as many facets as Yugoslavian photographer Dora Maar. Picasso chose to paint Maar from multiple angles in one portrait, likely to express her multi-faceted personality while attempting to portray her full potential. We all have many sides, don’t we?
Wear them with: Bold colors and patterns, just like Dora.

Woman with Book Masterpiece Series Socks

For the sock lover who: Is extremely well educated, and knows it. Just like this Picasso painting, the person who wears these socks is colorful and bright, conveying intelligence through subtle abstractions that simply ooze sex appeal. Rock these Neoclassical socks to feel particularly confident.
Wear them with: Thick framed glasses and your favorite Tolstoy.

The Starry Night Masterpiece Series Socks

For the sock lover who: Is constantly lost in a daydream. Although van Gogh painted this famous work from the window of an asylum following a mental breakdown, he never stopped looking toward the sky. Van Gogh became a household name by exercising his talent despite his situation. Anyone who wears these socks can rock that same tenacity.
Wear them with: Anything that lets these colorful art socks shine.

The Great Wave Masterpiece Series Socks

For the sock lover who: Isn’t afraid to make an entrance. These awesome art socks are perfect for someone with a larger than life personality like yourself, who loves to capture attention sooner rather than later. The Great Wave was one of Hokusai’s many colorful woodblock prints, and those who wear these socks feel an immediate flood of confidence whenever slipping them on.
Wear them with: Your favorite bright-colored shirt and shorts. These fun art socks deserve to be seen.

The Scream Masterpiece Series Socks

For the sock lover who: Can be a bit dramatic at times. Whether overcast weather is ruining the day or a bad haircut warrants a meltdown, this person appreciates colorful art socks more than the average person. Now that this Edvard Munch piece is worth over $120 million, it’s about time your favorite sock lover hopped on this trend. Chances are, his or her face will match this figure’s when the package arrives.
Wear them with: Your signature overly expressive facial features. No one ever needs to guess what you are thinking.