July 24, 2018

Welcome New Animals to The Sock Drawer Zoo!

You know how we love our crazy animal socks around these parts? Well this season is getting extra wild at The Sock Drawer zoo! From household pets to the most exotic jungle beasts, there’s an animal sock for every personality.

Check out these new wild styles:

Dogs & Cats

Dog and cat lovers will find lots of fun new patterns in our pet shop! These make a great gift idea for crazy cat people and owners of certain dog breeds who wish they could take their pet with them everywhere. Now they can … on their socks, at least!

Birds, Bugs & Woodland Critters

Next up are animals you might see out and about here in the U.S. where The Sock Drawer is located. We’ve got birds, bugs and woodland animals galore in cute and cheeky patterns!

Exotic Beasts

Last but definitely not least are our wildest, most exotic beasts! You’ll find these creatures in the heart of the jungle, deep under the sea and down inside your shoes.

So that’s just a few of the animal socks we’ve gotten in stock so far this season, and there are SO MANY MORE on the way! Be sure to come back soon to see what kind of fur we have flying.