March 29, 2016

New JHJ Masterpiece Art and Portrait Socks

The Sock Drawer’s new Masterpiece JHJ socks features hundreds of years of history in art, politics, and entertainment. These colorful socks will remind you of everything from the Hollywood high life to the depths of war-torn France, all the way back to the Founding Fathers. Check out these unique pairs of masterpiece socks for yourself, and enjoy your visit to the past.

President Socks

Because it is an election year, people seem to be talking about these Presidents much more than usual. While the meaning behind our Founding Father’s words are so often debated, one thing is for sure- these cool President socks are a fun addition to any outfit… especially come November.

Famous People Socks

We can bet you never thought you would see these three people grouped together. Although incredibly different, this Hollywood beauty, famed playwright, and ingenious mind all have something in common… they are lucky enough to be featured on some crazy cool masterpiece socks.

Famous Painting Socks

From German Expressionism to ancient Japanese woodblock printing, these colorful art socks span many different genres of painting. Featuring a couple horses, a peaceful cafe and a tattooed warrior, these masterpiece socks set the scene for any type of day you are tackling. Let Franz Marc and Van Gogh get you through any day by slipping on any of these awesome socks.