March 15, 2016

New Laurel Burch Socks!

Laurel Burch’s colorful and abstract drawings are absolutely iconic, which makes her winding path to artistry all the more interesting.

Starting out as a homeless teen with a severe bone disease, Burch would trade her eclectic jewelry made of bones and coins for food and housing in the Bay Area, slowly building her clientele without realizing it. She developed a large following when she took her talents to the canvas, focusing mostly on drawing animals. Laurel Burch passed away in 2007, but her legacy lives on in all of the awesome art pieces she created during her 62 years of life. Here are some of our brand new Laurel Burch socks.


Brand New: Laurel Burch Men’s Socks

New Laurel Burch Women’s Socks

Celebrate Laurel Burch’s awesome colorful sock line in the best way possible by living your life just as she did, by “refus[ing] to have anything in my life that I can’t turn around into something magical and beautiful. I just refuse.”