April 17, 2018

Up Your Sock Swag with New Men’s Styles

Calling all guys! Are you ready to take your style to the next level? We are ready to help! We have dozens and dozens of new men’s socks in stock featuring some of the best and brightest patterns ever.

If you’re the kind of guy who has always stuck to boring basics, it’s time to branch out! We have so many new options that you’re bound to find a style that makes you smile. And for those of you who are already into weird and wild novelty socks, well you know we’ve got you covered, too!

Check out some of the latest and greatest styles:

Hobbies & Sports

The perfect socks for fans, hobbyists, athletes and appreciators! These fun sports and hobby patterns cover a huge range of interests. Whatever you’re into, we’ve got the socks to match.


You’ve got kind of a hungry man thing going on, huh? No problem. We’ve got a menu full of tasty, fun patterns starring your favorite foods and drinks.


We could all use a laugh, and there’s no better spot for a silly pattern than your feet! These funny styles should really tickle your toes.


Take your style cues from the wild kingdom in these cool animal socks! You’ll find dogs, cats, pandas, fish — even extinct dinos!

Of course, all these new arrivals are just a drop in the bucket that is our entire selection of men’s crew socks. We also have lots of new beach socks, wedding socks and many other fun themes. Start working on your sock swag now.