February 13, 2018

Make a Statement in New Word Socks

Sometimes, you just have to spell it out for people.

We have lots of new socks in stock that do just that, featuring patterns with words and phrases that show off exactly how you’re feeling! A little bit punny and a whole lot funny, these cool men’s and women’s styles are just what you need to brighten your day.

Funny Women’s Socks

For women, we have everything from knee high socks telling you to “Stay weird” to cute patterns declaring your love for wine.

Funny Men’s Socks

These new men’s word socks are some of our favorites, helping you call “bull,” keep it “fresh” and give out the “seal of approval!”

Proclaim Your Pet Love

We have a whole new group of socks for owners of certain dog breeds that say “I love my bulldog” or other pup, plus some funny new socks for cat lovers.

Sarcastic & Sassy

And, of course, a collection of word socks wouldn’t be complete without some new styles from Blue Q, the sassiest brand around! These hilarious socks toe the line between snarky and silly just right!