A woman wearing black socks with small rainbows

October 9, 2018

Fuel Your Nostalgia with These Gift-Worthy Styles

As the holidays approach, we’re all trying to come up with unique gift ideas for friends and loved ones. Fear not — we’re here to help! For truly fun and quirky gifts, we recommend you check out our new Nostalgia Fuel collection.

We’ve hand-picked some of our coolest and craziest novelty socks for this group. The goal: to kick it back to the old school! All the patterns in this collection are designed to remind you of your younger, sillier days. You know, the days of teased side ponytails and JNCO jeans, of making a mixtape for your crush, of watching Saturday morning cartoons … the good old days!

These are basically fun socks for men and women who are just big kids at heart. Take a look, and start soaking up that dreamy nostalgia feeling!

Pop Culture

Is there anything more retro than old TV shows? We’ve got cool socks featuring Scooby-Doo, Gumby, the Care Bears and Bob Ross. Of course, some of those are experiencing a resurgence thanks to new iterations and Netflix, but you can’t beat the originals!

Old Technology

All you ’80s and ’90s kids will get a kick out these! Records, mixtapes, cameras with film, funny 3D glasses — we’ve got it all. This technology may be obsolete, but it will always work in our hearts!

Toys & Games

What better to remind you of your younger days than toys and games? Are kids still playing with army men and paper dolls? We sure hope so! There are lots of fun old video game styles in this collection, too!

Fun Fads

Remember when people used to say things were “all that and a bag of chips”? Can we bring that back? Also, punk rock styling, neon workout wear and rainbows on EVERYTHING. Every generation has its fads, and we think they’re all fabulous!

OK, do you feel sufficiently wistful about your childhood now? Good! Spread that joy by picking out some of these funny socks for Christmas or Hanukkah gifts for others in your life who might get a kick out of these silly styles.

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