March 6, 2018

Our Most Popular Socks of All Time

Each year, we get hundreds of fun new styles in stock in an effort to give all you sock lovers out there the latest and greatest looks. But we also have a core batch of styles that are enduring favorites, among our most popular socks of all time. Fads and trends come and go, but these cool socks are always in fashion!

Here’s a selection of 10 of our most popular socks. These styles have all been around for several seasons, and we doubt they’re going anywhere soon … except maybe to your sock drawer!

Top Women’s Socks

Starry Night

One of the dreamiest works of art of all time is also the star of one of our top styles of women’s socks. Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night looks romantic and bold on these beautiful art socks, popular among creative types.

Significant Otter Socks

Animal socks are always a hit, and this pair takes the cute factor to the max! The design features a pair of “significant otters” holding paws as they float along. The bright blue color makes a real splash, too. Swoon!

Laurel Burch Celestial Cat Socks

This sparkly style is from one of our most popular collections, Laurel Burch-inspired art socks. The pretty, eclectic socks often feature animal motifs, celestial details and blocks of color, making them long-running faves around these parts.

Meds Socks

Some of our most popular socks represent certain jobs or fields of interest, and this medical style is likely our best example of that. These fun socks tend to sell in big batches for clinical teams, and they’re hugely popular as gifts for people working in healthcare. It’s a safe bet that someone you know would love them!

Ringmaster of Sh*t Show Socks

No discussion of our most popular styles would be complete without a sassy style from Blue Q. The brand makes hilarious socks with sarcastic, silly phrases on them, and they’re all super popular. This “Ringmaster” style is a standout, available for both women and men.

Top Men’s Socks

Tacosaurus Socks

Our shoppers tend to love fun food socks, and this pair takes that to Jurassic proportions! Among our funniest designs, these “Tacosaurus” socks pair a beloved food with an animal that pretty much every little boy once adored, a dinosaur. That’s a formula for sock success.

Sushi Socks

Here’s a less fantastical take on food socks that’s equally popular. These men’s sushi socks feature a lot of charming little details, plus their bright blue color makes them really eye-catching.

Great Wave Socks

Another style from our selection of art socks, this cool design features the Japanese woodblock print The Great Wave. Popular among everyone from art appreciators to surfers, these have really great colors and details!

Bigfoot Socks

It’s clear from these silly Bigfoot socks that men like to use their footwear to insert a little bit of humor into their days! We love that attitude, and we’re not surprised that these socks are consistently popular. Their neutral colors help them fit in even in a workplace setting, until someone looks closely … and finds Sasquatch!

Sloth Stripe Socks

Some animals have their moment in the sun and then fade away, but sloths have a popularity that just won’t quit! Maybe people connect with the lazy creatures and their silly faces on a personal level. This striped style is just one example of our many popular sloth designs.

So what do you think? We can totally see why all these are top styles, but were there any that surprised you? Be sure to let us know what your favorite styles are by reaching out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!