July 2, 2015

Paw-some New Dog Socks

We just got some new styles of dog socks!  We’ve been getting all sorts of requests for dogs, such as French Bulldogs and Yorkshire Terriers, and guess whatSocksmith came out with some great new dog designs in their latest sock collection.


Pugs_Peach_grande WNC387_Corgi_Black_socksmith_sockdrawer_002a1886-c022-4112-8be7-e6f813cfb303_grande Socksmith_Frenchie_womens_crew_socks_lagoon_Sockdrawer.com_pups_grande Socksmith_Yorkies_womens_crew_socks_black_Sockdrawer.com_puppy_grande


Pugs // Corgis // Frenchies // Yorkies

Don’t forget about our Wheel House dog breed socks, with over 20 different breeds of dogs showcased in an elegant design.  All made in the USA!

wheelhouse_womens_crew_socks_sockdrawer.com_denim_boston_terrier_large wheelhouse_womens_crew_socks_sockdrawer.com_grey_golden_retriever_0f4ce39b-8165-4279-9408-0f0eb3029cbd_large wheelhouse_womens_crew_socks_sockdrawer.com_denim_siberian_husky_large wheelhouse_womens_crew_socks_sockdrawer.com_black_beagle_f066101d-ebd9-4cae-8ce4-1a32aee455d6_large

Boston Terrier // Golden Retriever // Siberian Husky // Beagle

Shop our collection of dog socks now!  You can bet we have some of your favorite breeds.