May 1, 2018

Meet Smartwool’s Next Big Thing: The Curated Collection

One of our all-time favorite brands, Smartwool, has taken a very stylish step in an exciting new direction with its “Curated” collection. These socks are bold and modern, redefining everything you know about wool socks.

A Modern Approach

Colorful wool socks for men with an angular, stylized sand dune scene
Sand Dunes Curated Wool Socks

Smartwool has long been known for top quality, and that’s why many of our customers (and us sock fairies!) call the brand a favorite. Smartwool removes those infamously itchy barbs from all of its fiber, which is only the softest Merino wool. Now, they’re taking that same advanced approach to style, and we’re so thrilled that our store is one of the few getting a chance to sell these amazing socks.

The key to the bold patterns on these styles is printing. In the past, all of Smartwool’s socks have been woven from pre-dyed yarn, which limited their designs. Now, after years of research, the company has developed a new printing process that results in richly saturated color and precise lines. The wool is dyed using a circular mandrel, rather than lying flat, which makes for a seamless, 360-degree design. The result is Smartwool’s impeccable comfort with a fresh, vibrant look.

Smartwool Curated Socks

Your New Favorite Socks

Because these are Merino wool, they’ll perform beautifully even if you’re taking them for a rigorous hike. However, we think these socks are a great choice for everyday activities like work at the office or an evening out because they’re just so stylish. The cool geometric patterns and vibrant colors are a real eye-catcher.

We’ve picked up five of these new Curated styles for men, and we’re so excited to see whether you sock lovers out there find them as great as we do! Expect to see more designs in this line, for both men and women, in the future.

Featured image courtesy of Smartwool.