March 14, 2019

Tidy Up Your Sock Drawer to Spark Joy

Does your sock drawer spark joy? That’s the question everybody’s asking themselves these days, thanks to Marie Kondo. Her Netflix show, Tidying Up, has us all getting rid of our old, unloved stuff and focusing more on the things we own that bring us joy.

We are all about that philosophy here at The Sock Drawer (capitalized)! We choose fun novelty socks over boring basics every day because they put a little spring in our step, and they make great gifts when you want to add a touch of joy to someone else’s day.

It’s true, though, that our sock obsession has led to many a messy sock drawer, which Ms. Kondo probably wouldn’t be too wild about! So, in the spirit of spring cleaning and organization, let’s check out her tips on how to organize socks.

No more rolling your socks into one another in an inside-out ball shape! We’re evolving to a neater-looking fold with the Konmari method:

  • First, lay one sock flat on top of its mate.
  • Next, start at the toes, and fold upward like you’re folding a letter. You can fold into thirds or fourths as needed depending on how long your socks are, but the goal is a nice, flat, square shape.
  • Lastly, stand those squares of sock pairs up on end in your sock drawer, in a cute box or basket on your shelf, or wherever you want to store them. Kondo uses a small box in this video. The goal is neat rows where you can see a swatch of each pattern and easily remove a pair without messing up the others.

We love this method because it ends up making these crazy cool socks so much easier to see. It’s so refreshing to pull open a drawer to a neat set of great-looking designs, starting your day on the right foot when you get dressed in the morning!

Bonus Tips for Single Socks!

Since we’re talking about spring cleaning, let’s come up with some options for all those single socks who’ve lost their mates. First of all, RIP. You will be missed, lost socks.

Now, check out a few of our favorite ideas we’ve found around the internet:

  • Decor: Make a fun sign for your laundry room, some cute Christmas ornaments or a cheerful wine bottle wrap.
  • Around the house: Socks make great rags for cleaning, or you can slip them on the bottom of bottles that tend to get sticky, like cleaning products under the sink. You can also make your own dryer balls by putting a tennis ball inside a sock, or you can make homemade cat or dog toys. And of course, you can make sock puppets for the kids!
  • Fashion: Socks can easily be made into arm or leg warmers by snipping the toes off. People with long hair can use socks to make the perfect bun. And here’s a really crazy idea … try mismatching your socks! Just because a sock has lost its partner doesn’t mean it isn’t still beautiful!

Do you have any other fun spring cleaning ideas for socks? We’d love to hear them! Share them with us on our Facebook page!