August 21, 2018

Sock Fairy Faves: The Best Socks of 2018

As summer comes to an end, we’ve gotten most of our new styles in for fall. Before you know it, we’ll all be gearing up for winter holiday shopping, and that got us sock fairies thinking about our favorite styles of 2018.

Some of these fun socks are sort of classic novelty patterns and some are sassy, sarcastic showstoppers, but they all have that certain special something in common that makes us think of them as favorites. We sock fairies have been in the game for a while, so you can trust that our picks really are the best and the brightest socks around.

Check out our 2018 favorites here, and be sure to peruse our full collection of staff picks!

Bob Ross Happy Clouds Socks

We added these cheerful Bob Ross socks to our lineup this year, and boy, have they been popular! The painter and pop culture icon is totally having a moment, so why not rock his joyful aesthetic on your feet? Sock fairy Nancy says the world could use a few more happy clouds! What’s more, these are made of a super soft combed cotton, so they feel as good as they look.

Dinosaurs Socks

Dinosaurs have been a popular theme for a long time, but this pattern was new this year and it soared like a pterodactyl! Owner and queen sock fairy Brooke says these remind her of the feeling she had as a kid who wanted to grow up to be a paleontologist. There’s definitely something about this pattern, available for both women and men, that’s charmingly storybook-like.

I Don't Give a Flock Socks

Our sock fairy Josette called these as soon as they came in this year. She wanted a pair for herself, plus she knew they’d be a hit! Socks with funny sayings on them are huge right now, and when you pair that with a fantastic flamingo pattern and a bright background, that’s an easy choice for a favorite!

We Come in Peace Socks

Aliens are another theme people tend to like, but we think this style is exceptionally successful. Sock fairy Jessica says it’s all about the lime green faces looking really striking against the black background. The simple combo and large scale of the pattern makes these babies really out of this world!

Squid and Whale Socks

Multiple sock fairies have claimed this monstrous marine design as their favorite down at Sock Drawer HQ. The pattern on these animal socks is just crazy good, packed with fine detail and vibrant color. In addition to this women’s crew version, these also come in a women’s knee high with the creatures swapped and a men’s crew style. So much to love!

Mmm ... Donuts Socks

Who doesn’t love food socks? This colorful style has actually been around for years, but it remains on our favorite list for 2018 because it’s just so irresistibly delectable! Our web developer Kurt calls these socks his fave because they remind him of visits to the doughnut shop with his daughter. How sweet is that (literally)?

Butterflies Socks

Another standout this year was this lovely, simple butterfly design, which has the pretty factor completely nailed. Sock fairy Jennifer says they’ve become a go-to choice when she wants a pop of color, thanks to that sweet coral background, but still wants to keep it pretty and feminine.

A Pirate's Life Socks (3-Pack)

We’re throwing a kids’ pair on the favorites list this year — or rather, three kids’ pairs! For the first time in 2018, we started carrying these fantastic three-pack sets for little ones in a huge variety of themes. Many of us sock fairies picked ’em up for our own kids right away, and we all kinda wish they would fit us, too!

Star Curated Wool Socks

We’ve got to include a Smartwool style on our list, because so many of us sock fairies swear by this brand and its fantastic quality. This bold, graphic pair is from Smartwool’s new Curated line of socks that have printed patterns, rather than woven. They’ve got the same great features of classic wool designs, but a super modern, cool look. Yes, please!

Delicate F*cking Flower Socks

Last but most definitely not least is this beautiful-but-snarky-as-heck design from Blue Q. These have been out for a little over a year, but 2018 has been good to these delicate flowers! They’ve consistently been on our best-sellers list, and they’re beloved by pretty much all of us sock fairies. Yeah, you could say we’ve got a little attitude, but at least we surround it with pretty!

So there you have it, our favorites of 2018 … so far! We are still waiting for fall arrivals from a handful of brands, so the rankings could shift as the months pass. Be sure to check back in and see what we love a little later on!