June 26, 2018

Sock FAQ: All Your Size Questions Answered

The sock fairies are back again to answer all of your curious questions! One of the most common topics customers ask us about is sock sizes. Whether you’ve got especially large or small feet or another issue that makes figuring out the right size confusing, we’ve got the answers!

Quick tip: You can always check out our special Sock Size Guide or reach out to us directly if you’re unsure whether a certain style will suit your needs. Email the sock fairies at hello@sockdrawer.com.

Now, let’s dip our toes into your questions!

What do the sizes on socks mean?

If you check out the label on most pairs of socks, it will say size 9-11 for women’s or 10-13 for men’s. That does not mean shoe size! These sock sizes are really more of an industry insider term, meaning how many inches long your foot is. We realize most people don’t really know how that measures up on their own feet (heck, we’re not so sure what it means!), so on our website we always put the equivalent shoe sizes each style will fit. Keep an eye on this when shopping!

What is my sock size?

Do you know your shoe size? That’s all you really need to keep in mind. We sell lots of different brands here at The Sock Drawer, and they all do sizing differently. Some simply have a women’s and a men’s size that are smaller and larger, respectively. Some have S, M and L sizes. Some even use standard European sizing systems. So to keep things easy on all you lovers of fun socks, we put the equivalent shoe size for each style right in the details on our website. Piece of cake!

What should I wear if normal women’s socks are too small?

Excellent question! If you’re looking for extra large women’s socks, you should simply check out our men’s collection!

Socks are basically a unisex product. There’s not much difference between a “women’s” sock and a “men’s” sock except men’s are made for a larger foot. We organize our website into women’s and men’s sections for most shoppers’ convenience, but we understand there are lots of folks who have feet that are larger than is typical.

Most of our women’s socks fit up to about a women’s shoe size 10. If you’re around the 9-10 range or larger and find standard women’s socks too tight or short, try men’s socks. (Men’s and women’s shoe sizes are about 1.5 different, so a women’s 10 would be a men’s 8.5. Most of our men’s socks fit men’s shoe size 8 to 12.5. That equates to a women’s 9.5 and up.)

Take it from our personal experience: Lots of our female sock fairies love to wear men’s socks! Even some who wear an average women’s shoe size opt for men’s socks sometimes, either because we prefer a looser fit or we simply can’t resist a certain pattern! Plus, depending on their cotton content, some socks are likely to shrink a little in the dryer, so larger men’s socks give you some leeway.

What should I wear if normal men’s socks are too small?

This is an easy one! Check out our extra large men’s socks! These bad boys are designed to fit men with shoe size 13-16. We know lots of guys with big feet who want to rock cool novelty socks, too, instead of just plain ol’ multi-pack tube socks. We’ve got you covered!

What are wide calf knee high socks?

Wide calf knee high socks are specially designed to be stretchier than standard women’s knee highs, which some people find too tight or restrictive. Plus size shoppers love these long socks, and so do women with very muscular calves. They also work perfectly well for women with slender legs, and many of our pairs fit comfortably over tights, leggings or even skinny jeans. Because of how stretchy the socks are, their patterns don’t get distorted when you slip them on. And, of course, like all of our styles, they’ve got silly themes and great designs. What’s not to love about these babies? You can read more about them here.

That about does it for the most popular sizing questions we hear from shoppers, but we encourage you to drop us a line for more information! Here are some other great resources:

  • For info on kids’ sizes, try our Sock Size Guide.
  • To learn about different sock lengths, check this out.
  • Any other concerns? Try our FAQ page.

This FAQ post is part of an occasional series we’re working on to help you figure out all things socks! Let us know if there are other topics we should cover by emailing us at hello@sockdrawer.com.