July 3, 2018

Introducing Sockwell’s Stylish Compression Socks

Exciting news: Compression socks have come to The Sock Drawer! Maybe you’ve heard about this popular wellness trend and the ways compression socks can help sore, tired or swollen feet. Our socks — from top-quality brand Sockwell — do all that, and they look great at the same time. Read on to learn why we picked out these amazing products to join our ranks!

Benefits of Compression Socks

Put simply, compression socks apply pressure to your feet and legs to improve blood flow. They have been around for decades, usually recommended by medical pros for folks who were prone to circulation issues, but in recent years they have surged hugely in popularity as all kinds of people have realized their benefits.

They are a great choice for:

  • Exercise.
  • Travel.
  • Prolonged periods of sitting or standing.
  • Other circumstances that might lead to your feet being sore, swollen or excessively tired.

For instance, compression socks are extremely popular for nurses who spend long shifts on their feet, runners and other athletes who want some extra support, and people who fly frequently.

How do they work?

Compression socks apply firm but comfortable pressure in graduated panels to different areas of your lower legs and feet. This prevents blood from pooling in the feet, which can cause swelling, soreness and fatigue. Pretty simple, huh?

Many people who try out compression socks tend to be surprised how such a simple concept can make such a huge difference in their comfort. A little bit of moderate pressure can be enough to really boost your quality of life.

The Sockwell Difference

As these socks have grown in popularity, we sock fairies have gotten a lot of questions from our loyal shoppers about them, and perhaps the No. 1 question has been: “Are there compression socks that are actually cute?” We did our homework on the matter and are proud to introduce Sockwell compression socks as part of our lineup!

Not only are these some of the best-quality options out there from a wellness perspective, but they also look totally fab! We’ve picked up seven adorable knee high styles for women that use pretty, modern patterns and lovely color combos.

What’s more, we also chose Sockwell’s fun compression socks because this brand has so many amazing benefits:

  • Made in the USA to support the American textile industry and keep carbon footprint low.
  • Seamless toe, arch support and cushioned sole for added comfort.
  • Options for people with wider calves.
  • A luxurious fiber blend of Merino wool, bamboo and other materials that wicks away moisture and maintains a comfortable temperature.

We’ve heard your calls for compression and responded with pretty much the best socks out there! We sock fairies can’t wait to try these out personally, and if you’ve ever had sore, swollen feet (who hasn’t?), we suggest you try ’em too!

Featured image courtesy of Sockwell.