March 20, 2018

Slip into Spring’s Hot Colors

Spring is all about renewal, and for all of you sock lovers out there, that means renewing your foot fashions! We have tons of fresh styles in stock for women and men, plus lots of older favorites you can choose from to brighten up your sock drawer.

One of our favorite ways to stay on trend is to follow the hues of the season. This year, according to such trendmakers as Vogue, the hottest colors of the spring are violet, yellow, lavender, red and mossy green.

Take a look at some of our favorite sock styles from each of these color families:

Ultra Violet

This rich purple was chosen by Pantone as the 2018 color of the year, and it’s one of our absolute favorite hues for fun socks. Bold but still cool in a sort of sophisticated way, this deep color is quite the eye-catcher for crazy sock patterns!


Speaking of eye-catching, what’s better than yellow? Found all over spring runways, yellow brings life to any look!


This light lavender color has gotten super popular for many of our women’s socks! We love how the sweet hue is vibrant and cheery while still looking feminine.

Cherry Red

Does red ever go out of style? This bright cherry — not burgundy or crimson or cinnamon — is on trend to fire up your footwear this season!

Mossy Green

Now for something subtler: mossy green. This understated hue is actually the perfect backdrop for some of our silliest and most outspoken patterns. With a neutral color like this, no one will even know how much you love sloths until you point it out!

We have socks in every color of the rainbow — including rainbow socks! Remember, you can always search through our thousands of styles by color. Simply use the filters to choose the shades you’re looking for.