October 1, 2015

The Cat’s Meow: Top 10 Purrfect Women’s Cool Cat Socks

If you call yourself a feline lover without having any of The Sock Drawer’s Top 10 Cat socks in your drawer… you have got to be kitten me. Become a true cat conessier with any of these adorable animal socks below, among the countless others we have to offer. Let us show you how and when to wear them, as well as remind you which kitty lover in your life would appreciate a pair just as much. You can now check “high fashion” and “fun gifts for the rest of eternity” off of your lengthy to do list.


Raining Cats

You can wear them when: When you are miserably sopping wet, under your cute new rainboots. Unfortunately you didn’t bring the useful rain accessories the kittens on your fun socks did… but as you continue drudging through your day, at least you can be happy knowing that your cool cat socks will always bring a smile to your face.

Who would love them: That one friend with a Mary Poppins sized purse. Oh, it started to rain? She has three umbrellas, a poncho, and an extra pair of rainboots… you know, in case anyone forgot theirs. Get her the gift that keeps on giving: a pair of ultra cool cat socks that are just as versatile and awesome as she is.


Cats on Books

You can wear them when: When you fully intend on being productive at the library, but are also pretty sure you will end up face down in a stack of books as soon as the sun goes down. In these colorful pet socks, at least someone is hitting the books, right?

Who would love them: This pair of cool cat socks was made for your kitty loving lab partner. Treating her to this unique pair of socks is the least you could do after she carried your team all semester. Also, it wouldn’t be bad to get on her good side considering she probably made a study guide for the final already…


Tuxedo Cats

You can wear them when: These unique animal socks are for when you are trying to add a formal touch to a casual outfit, but you still don’t know how to tie a bow tie. Let these kitties add some flair for you in adorable red accessories that scream “ready for my close up.”

Who would love them: The perfect gift for the best friend who just can’t seem to figure it out. She’ll be there, but she will be late, and more than likely underdressed… so by throwing on these fun socks with a splash of class, she will still appear to have it together despite pairing them with stained sweatpants.


Cats in Hats

You can wear them when: To the crazy hat party, of course. You have never been much of a hat person… why would anyone want to cover up luscious locks like yours? In these adorable animal socks, you can have all the fun of a cool lid without the drag of hat hair.

Who would love them: The friend you have to drag to theme parties. She will go kicking and screaming, consistently reluctant to look like a fool. Give her a break, get her these amazingly quirky cat socks as a gift, and never nag her again. If you tried to dress her in any of the hats you see on these cats, she would be giving you the same look, too.



You can wear them when: For the days you simply don’t have a care in the world… just like a house cat. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you now have on your favorite pair of fun animal socks. Whistle a tune with a skip in your step, singing la-di-da as you get your day going.

Who would love them: The carefree friend with an eternally positive outlook. Rather than sweat the small stuff, she remains as cool as a cucumber. Add a fun twist to her go-with-the-flow wardrobe with these colorful cat socks that emit the same chill vibes she always has.


Foot Traffic: Piano Teeth

You can wear them when: To the piano lesson you are currently suffering through. You told yourself you would pick up a new hobby, and when choosing a musical instrument, the piano was the first that came to mind. Upon remembering you are far from musically inclined, continue to grin and bear it- knowing your whimsical cat socks are doing the same.

Who would love them: The animal lover with a cool touch on some piano keys. She genuinely loves cats as much as she does jamming out on any and every instrument, meaning these sharp socks are the perfect gift for her unique obsessions. Encourage her to rock on while sporting these devilishly happy felines.


Sock it to Me: Cameow

You can wear them when: While wearing your new beret and eating a croissant. You just watched a French film and are feeling more cultured than ever, which means a fun twist on your favorite cat accessories is a welcome change. Wear this unique pair while reading Voltaire for extra cool points.

Who would love them: Your college roommate who studied abroad in Paris… and won’t let anyone forget it. She continued to weave “S’il vous plait” and “excuse moi” into her wardrobe for years after she got back, and still reminisces about old times a little too much. Let her relive the glory days while rocking these awesome cat socks with a French flair and delicate details. Enfin!


Blue Q: Cats!

You can wear them when: Slip this fun pair on after being startled awake by your jumping cat. After you get over the initial shock of being pounced on, you are always reminded of how much you love them… meaning the enthusiasm behind this colorful pair is just right for the day.

Who would love them: The theater major with a flair for the dramatic. If jazz hands are an integral part of every conversation, if outlandish outfits are the norm, and if their cat obsession is just as radical as they are- this fun loving pair makes the perfect gift. We hear they go well with black turtlenecks on poetry slam nights.


Laurel Burch: Wild Cats

You can wear them when: When feeling extra zesty. In an array of colors, shapes and sizes, there is a little bit of everything in this crazy colorful pair of socks. Centered around two unique cat portraits, you are guaranteed to love this outlandish pair no matter what- but especially on days you are filled to the brim with energy.

Who would love them: The eccentric animal lover in your group. Although all over the place, this scatterbrained humanitarian has a heart of gold, and all the best intentions. Remind them how much you appreciate their friendship with these cool cat socks. Bonus: with countless colors and patterns, this zany gift is sure to match anything in your friend’s closet.


Socksmith: Kittenster

You can wear them when: When feeling particularly studious. Whether immersed in your favorite Nietzsche novel or battling through a tough chapter in your biology book, slip on this pair of hipster kitten socks and hit the library. Unfortunately, this may be the closest you ever get to bringing your cat out in public.

Who would love them: Your homebody roommate. She prefers watching movies to hitting the bars, and would rather read than rock out at concerts. Combine her two favorite things: adorable cats and nerdy style with this cool pair of animal socks that are sure to light her fire.