January 22, 2019

Valentine’s Day? Nah! Funny Socks for Singles Are Here

This time of year, it’s easy for all the sassy singles out there to get a little sick of all the lovey-dovey stuff everywhere! What’s up with all this Valentine’s Day junk, huh? Don’t you deserve representation, too?

Yes, you do. And we’ve got you covered.

This year, we’ve hand-picked a selection of our funniest, snarkiest socks that are perfect for proud singles to slip into on Feb. 14, whether you’re heading out with friends or spending the evening with your real loves: a pint of ice cream, a bottle of wine and Netflix.

These silly styles for both women and men include lots of sarcasm, plus a big dose of indulgent foods and drinks to get you through Valentine’s Day. FAIR WARNING: These babies also have plenty of curse words, so turn back now if that’s not your thing!

Women’s Styles

Sarcastic sayings star on a lot of the styles in our women’s collection. You’ll also find fun foods and plenty of potent potables. Pick up some of these for your Galentine’s Day!

Men’s Styles

Check out our men’s selection to find hilarious patterns of trusted pets, your favorite brews and plenty of snarky sarcasm to get you through the ickiest day of the year. Enough with the PDAs already, right?

OK, to be honest, we’ve got lots of socks for Valentine’s Day, too. And we have matching sets for couples, which make a great gift idea. But if you’re single, we want you to know we’re celebrating you, too! Have a laugh on us, and enjoy your independence come Feb. 14!