February 27, 2018

Warm Socks to Melt Away Your Winter Blues

Do you live in an area where winter has yet to fade away? If so, we suggest you work to stave off those frigid winter blues with some warm, cozy socks! In fact, we think cushy, comfy socks are one of the best parts about cold weather. What’s better than bundling up under a blanket with some extra cozy toesies?

Check out these options to help you make it through the rest of winter!


There’s nothing cozier than cashmere. Our softest fiber option, cashmere is such a great choice when you need to pamper your feet, tired from a harsh season out in the elements.


Wool socks are the ultimate winter wares. They’re durable, they’re soft, and they natural wick away moisture and keep warmth trapped inside. We have lots of great wool choices for women and men, whether you’re heading out in the cold or just cuddling on the couch!

Outlands Hiking Socks

This special line of Outlands socks are designed for hiking, and many of the qualities that make them great performance socks also make them excellent choices for winter. They are made of a special, thick fiber blend and have a cushioned sole. This means extra warmth and coziness all season long.

Over the Knee Socks

If you really want to go the extra mile, these over the knee length socks for women take comfort to new heights! These are so soft and warm around the house or out with boots, and they look great pulled all the way up or scrunched down a little.

So if you feel like you’ve been enduring the winter for too long, treat yourself to some warmth! Or send a care package of comfy, warm socks to others to help them melt away those winter blues!